University of California, San Diego


January 16, 2001


SUBJECT:  Subscription to Celera Genomics Database

The UCOP Office of Technology Transfer and the Office of Research are pleased to announce a UC-wide license that will permit UC scientists to access the Celera Genomics database. Access to the database will be available in early February and the cost will be subsidized by the UC Office of the President. In order to gauge the extent of interest from the UC system, we are requesting that all interested PI's respond via the website below by Wednesday, January 17, 2001.

Given the following info, will you sign up for access to the Celera database?

Please respond to the website shown at the bottom of this message. Your address and contact information will be collected and positive respondents will be contacted. We would appreciate receiving your reply by January 17th. We look forward to your response.

                                                Neil Kilcoin
                                                Office of Technology Transfer, UCOP

What is Offered:
1) Unlimited access to human and mouse DNA sequence databases. The web address noted below contains additional technical information on the Celera database.

2) Access to Celera's SNP database will be provided only as an add-on feature to the basic subscription and will require an additional fee.

Financial Terms:
1) A 3 year commitment from UC subscribers.
2) An initial cost of $5,000/user/yr for the first 100 subscribers, based upon UC's volume discounts and a subsidy from the UC system. (The non-discounted price is $15,000/yr.)
3) In years 2 and 3, costs may be adjusted to a maximum of $7,500/user/yr depending on the subscriber base.
4) An additional $4,000 per user for access to Celera's SNP database. Contractual terms: 1) Access the Celera database will be via the internet and is permitted only by the specified UC PI's laboratory.
2) No searches by or on behalf of third parties are permitted.
3) Necessary and relevant DNA sequence information may be published in any scientifically valid forum.
4) Subscribers must send manuscripts describing research results obtained through use of the database to Celera prior to publication.
5) Subscribers may use the sequence data in bona fide collaborations with for-profit and non-profit sponsors.
6) UC retains intellectual property rights.

Additional, detailed information on the contractual terms, how to obtain access, technical support, etc. will be provided later by UCOP at the URL listed below.


                                                Richard Attiyeh
                                                Vice Chancellor for Research