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Section: 553-8
Effective: 1/10/97
Supersedes: 1/1/93
Issuing Office: Mail Services

PPM 553-8 [PDF Format]

  2. UCSD Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM)

    20-1 Campus Announcements, Directives, Memorandums, Publications

    553-7 Addressing Services


    1. Office Mail Distribution Contact System

    2. Using campus mail lists, campus communications can be addressed to an appointed person or persons, known as the Office Mail Distribution Contact (OMDC).

      1. OMDC's are responsible for the prompt distribution of mail within their department to personnel who have a "need to know" or an interest in the issuance.

      2. OMDC's are responsible for posting mail on departmental bulletin boards, and returning incorrect addresses to Mail Services.

    3. Standard OMDC Mailings

    4. Type of Issuance List Number Frequency Distribution
      Single 025 Unscheduled 1 copy to OMDC for action
      For all at UCSD 026 Unscheduled No. of copies sent to addressee equals no of employees in dept. or section
      Bulletin Board Poster/Notices 027 Unscheduled Post on department bulletin boards -- multiples
      All at UCSD -- Individual Names 028 Unscheduled One addressed to each faculty and staff employee, by individual names
      Summary of PPM 073 Monthly PPM, SPM, and A&PS Holders


    1. Assignment of OMDC

    2. To assure rapid distribution of mail, one OMDC should be assigned for each geographic location in which a department has offices. The Addressing Services, 0047, should be notified of the OMDC's name, address, and number of copies required for each issuance listed in II.B. above.

    3. Changes

    4. Changes in the name or address of an OMDC or the quantities to be received by an OMDC should be directed by memorandum to the Mail Services, 0047.