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270 - Ceremonies, Conduct, and Discipline

Section: 270 Smoke Free Pilot
Rescinded: 04/29/2016
Effective: 09/04/2009
Supersedes: Not Applicable
Review: Not Applicable
Issuance Date: 09/04/2009
Issuing Office: Human Resources

PPM 270 Smoke Free Pilot Policy [pdf format]


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September 4, 2009



Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings and outdoors, on the UC San Diego Health Sciences campuses, encompassing:


·           The “Health Sciences Academic Campus” (all buildings and grounds including clinical, research and educational facilities of the School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences bordered by Gilman Drive, La Jolla Village Drive, and Villa La Jolla Drive) and

·           The “UC San Diego Medical Center” complexes in Hillcrest and La Jolla (all buildings and grounds including clinical, research and educational facilities under the jurisdiction of the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences).


For the first six months of this pilot project, designated outdoor smoking areas will be temporarily established on the Health Sciences Academic Campus to provide a period of transition during which an information campaign will be conducted about the new policy, and smokers will be provided with information about smoking cessation programs.

These temporary designated-smoking areas will be located near the parking lots on the northeast and the south sides of the Health Sciences campus. These designated smoking areas will be removed from the Health Sciences Academic Campus six months after implementation of this pilot policy.


The UC San Diego Medical Center campuses are already predominantly smoke-free, with the exception of designated smoking areas on the Hillcrest and La Jolla medical centers. The Medical Center Senior Management Team has endorsed this “Smoke-free Health Sciences” policy, and has appointed a task force to develop an action plan and timeline for full implementation on the Medical Center campuses.


Approved basic and clinical research studies which are expressly for the purpose of studying smoking and tobacco usage are the only exception to this policy.




All employees (faculty and staff) and students share the responsibility of enforcing smoking policies by means of education and example. Faculty, students, and staff will be encouraged to approach violators and remind them of the policy.  Success of this policy depends on the consideration and cooperation of everyone who works, studies, or is a patient or visitor on the Health Sciences academic and medical center campuses.


Any problems resulting from employees and students repeatedly violating smoking policies will be brought to the attention of the appropriate supervisor or department head, Student Affairs or Human Resources.  Necessary action will be taken in accordance with University policy.