Policy & Records Administration

The University of California is governed by a Board of Regents, which under Article IX, Section 9 of the California Constitution has "full powers of organization and governance" subject only to very specific areas of legislative control.

The Regents promulgate policy for the University overall, but certain policy-making duties are conferred on the President in Standing Orders of The Regents 100.4.

Presidential policy may result from Regents' action, changes in law, or new administrative issues within the University itself. Presidential policies are revised or rescinded based on changes to Regents' policy, legal or societal changes, or administrative changes. Presidential policies may be issued in the form of letters, statements, Presidential delegations of authority, or as Universitywide policy manuals.

Presidential policies confer authority to Vice Presidents, Chancellors, and Laboratory Directors. At UCSD the Chancellor further redelegates this authority to campus officials through delegation of authority letters. The Office of the President has asked that certain guidelines be followed when writing delegation of authority letters.

UCSD Guidelines
The following guidelines are offered to assist in writing delegation of authority letters at UCSD. We encourage you to contact Policy and Records Administration at the start of, and before completion of any delegation of authority letter. Policy and Records Administration is ready to assist with your delegation and will be happy to advise or compose your delegation of authority letter.

1 A delegation should be addressed and stated according to the recipient's name and title, e.g., "I delegate to you, as Vice Chancellor--Student Affairs, the authority to…"; or "As Vice Chancellor--Student Affairs, you are authorized to…". It is then clear that the authority belongs to the title, this can be helpful when changes in personnel occur. Such wording should be used in any redelegation as well.
2 Appropriate reference should be made to the source of the authority being delegated, e.g., "..the authority delegated to me by President Dynes in his letter of December 6, 2004 concerning…"; or "…by Administrative and Professional Staff Personnel Policy 122"; or "…by Standing order 100.5."
If a delegation of authority has a four digit ID number please include that number in the delegation letter when referencing the source of the authority. UCSD delegations are typically referenced as UCSD DA#### and Office of the President delegations are typically referenced as DA####.
3 Any specific terms, restrictions, or requirements established by the original delegation, whether from the President to the Chancellor or from the Chancellor to other campus officials, should be clearly incorporated in any redelegation of the authority. It is preferable to do this by repeating the same language in the redelegation so that the document is complete in itself, however, if such language is lengthy and it is impractical to repeat it in its entirety, the language may be incorporated by reference to an attachment of the original delegation. Thereafter, the attachment must always be included with redelegations and with copies to those persons on the cc list as appropriate.
4 Care should be taken to make reference to any delegation being superseded. For example, the date, subject, addressee, and the name of the person who issued the delegation being superseded must be included.
5 The cc list of the original delegation should always receive copies of redelegations (plus any referenced attachments). The person redelegating should feel free to add names to that list.

Some commonly missed items when writing delegation of authority letters:
Did you do a policy review? Because policies change from time to time, you must review your authority before writing a delegation. Your delegated authority may have been modified by new policy. Please feel free to contact Policy and Records Administration or confer with Campus Counsel for help reviewing policy prior to writing your delegation.
Send copies to appropriate individuals Refer to the original Presidential delegation (which may or may not be a delegation of authority letter, see Policy above) and any subsequent delegations for the list of all parties that must receive copies of your delegation. Always include Policy and Records Administration in your cc list.
Check to be sure you may redelegate your authority Not all delegations may be redelegated. The Office of the President and the Chancellor often limit authority for sensitive issues to senior campus officials.
Did you mean to redelegate this authority? It will be assumed that you meant for this authority to be redelegated. Is it appropriate for your delegatee to redelegate this authority to someone in a junior position? Always state whether or not the authority may be redelegated.