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Preface and Information for New Users

A UCSD delegation of authority (UCSD DA) conveys significant authority and responsibility from one campus official to one or more campus officials. Delegations of authority (DA) are intended to provide clear, unambiguous statements of action that may be taken by the delegatee(s) or assign administrative responsibility within specified parameters. Delegations should always state whether or not the delegated authority may be further redelegated. Delegations are made to individuals in the capacity of their current positions. The delegation remains with the position and not the individual. If an individual accepts a new position the delegated authority does not move to the new position. Delegations remain in effect until such time as they are superseded or retired. This website has been provided to the campus for access to active and historical delegations of authority.

Delegation Responsibilities
The system of delegations imposes certain responsibilities on staff and departments as follows:

The Delegator is the campus official who initiates the issuance of a delegation or redelegation of authority. The Delegator is responsible for ensuring that appropriate delegation of authority letters are issued to Delegatees for the performance of their duties. The Delegator and his or her staff are responsible for drafting the DA. As appropriate, the Delegator and his or her staff will consult with other campus units in addition to Policy and Records Administration before and during the drafting process. The Delegator signs the final document prior to issuance and publication. If a DA requires the Chancellors signature, please see the Policy and Records Administration website for complete procedures on Chancellors signature items.

The Delegatees are responsible for carrying out the authority as delegated to them by the Delegator. This authority is issued to the position and therefore is reassigned automatically to whomever is the current holder of the position. Examples of such authority include conducting University business with extramural vendors, adapting UC policies and state or federal regulations to local campus circumstances, administering capital improvement projects, and government contracts and grants. The Delegatees may further redelegate all or part of their authority provided the delegation to them does not prohibit further redelegation.

Policy and Records Administration
Policy and Records Administration manages campus delegations of authority for the Chancellor and coordinates with the Delegator and his or her staff for the issuance of all campus DA's. Policy and Records Administration is available to advise the Delegator on the drafting of DA's to ensure delegations are consistent with appropriate initial delegations and conform to the standard DA format established by the Office of the President. Policy and Records Administration will, at the Delegators request, draft new DA letters for the Delegators signature. Policy and Records Administration maintains the database of campus DA's and provides access to the official records through the online delegations website.

Delegation Terms
Active Delegated authority to Current Holder is in effect. Includes newly issued and DA's under review due to personnel or policy changes.
All When viewing a list of delegations, the default view displays only delegations that are Active or Under Review. Clicking on ALL will display all delegations in the database.
Category When viewing the list of delegation Categories, the categories are grouped by area of responsibility, not by department. Though many campus departments may have the same name, these are not necessarily delegations within a department.
Current Holder Person currently in the position that authority was delegated too. Delegations are issued to positions and not to individuals, ensuring continuity of authority when incumbents change.
DA Short for Delegation of Authority letter.
DA Number
UCSD DA Number
Each delegation is assigned a unique number for easy identification. Presidential delegations take the form of DA####, UCSD delegations take the form of
UCSD DA####.
References Within each delegation's individual web page, references are provided as links to UC or UCSD Policy, other DA's, Presidential letters, etc.
Retired Although not specifically superseded, the subject matter covered in the delegation is no longer relevant, or may now be contained in a policy or other University directive.
Superseded Superseded by one or more delegations or by a policy or other University directive.
Under Review Delegation is being reviewed for possible revision or retirement; delegation remains in effect during this period.

Navigating the Delegations Website
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When viewing a list of delegations please be patient if the page takes several seconds to load. UC San Diego currently has several hundred individual, active delegations.

To view the actual delegation document, click on "View/Print Document" in the upper right hand corner of the delegations web page. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents.

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