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May 14, 1997
SUBJECT: Furniture Contracts and Design Services
This notice is to inform campus administrators about furniture sources, furniture layout services and interior design services that are available through UC supplier contracts and from UCSD campus support departments. Please review this information and share it with individuals who have the opportunity to deal with furniture items and furniture related services for your department.
Modular and Steel Furniture:
The University has established a mandatory UC systemwide agreement for modular furniture, free standing steel furniture and office chairs from Steelcase Incorporated through an agreement with Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service, Incorporated (E&I Co-op). The agreement was established after an exhaustive competitive bid process which resulted in the award to Steelcase Incorporated, through their support agency E&I Co-op. The agreement requires all new steel and modular furniture purchases utilize the Steelcase line, except when matching existing furniture is necessary. This agreement has been in effect since 1/1/94 and unless otherwise terminated, will remain in effect through 12/31/2000. The provisions of the contract allow for a "turn-key" operation which requires E&I Co-op to provide
furniture layout, color design services, specification development, delivery a and installation services in support of furniture that Steelcase Inc. manufactures. The contract offers discounts of approximately 65% off their published price list.
The agreement is administered locally by UCSD Purchasing staff whose responsibility it is to ensure that E&I complies with the terms and conditions of the agreement in support of the needs of our campus. The Purchasing staff responsible for this contract are dedicated to support the campus departments through all phases of the design, purchase, delivery and installation of furniture.
Design services for Steelcase furniture items which fall outside the scope of the contract are offered by E&I at their current published price
schedule. Information about the products and services against the agreement can be accessed by visiting the web site at http://www.eandi.org. This web site will also be available via a link on UCSD Purchasing's web site at http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur. E&I Co-op has assigned a team of design and support professionals responsible for providing services to UCSD. Refer to Exhibit "A" for a list of contact names and phone numbers at E&I Co-op.
Other Furniture items:
The University seeks to satisfy its purchasing needs at the lowest overall cost through a planned purchasing program which ensures equal opportunity for business contracting. To this end, commodity agreements and price schedules have been established through a number of vendors for furniture items and furniture related services. A list of the lines of furniture covered by such agreements is available on Exhibit "B" which can be used for future reference when planning furniture related projects. Departments can
also access this list of agreements and their associated information from our web site at http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur under the section titled "Vendors and 
  Agreements." The path to the Purchasing site from InfoPath is through the Administrative link, select Business Affairs, select Business and Financial Services which then links to Purchasing and Purchasing Services.)
Ergonomic Issues:
Steelcase carries an extensive line of office furniture which addresses the ergonomic needs of many people. However, we recognize there will be instances where the Steelcase line does not meet the requirements of an
individual based on specific recommendations by UCSD's Employee Rehabilitation experts. Under these circumstances, sources other than Steelcase are available and will be authorized in order to ensure that the University takes reasonable action to comply with the needs of an employee. Please contact Barry Niman at Employee Rehabilitation extension 46743 or email nimanb@ucsd.edu for more information about ergonomic furniture issues. You can also access information about Employee Rehabilitation services from their web site at http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/~rehab/.
From time to time, campus departments may require the services of a professional interior designer to support the design and layout needs of a project. Neither Facilities, Design & Construction (FD&C) or Purchasing offer design services in-house. To assist in identifying the best source for professional design services, the following guidelines have been established:
Facility renovation or new construction of University owned property: FD&C is responsible for the contracting of services from professional
interior designers when facility renovation or new construction of University owned property is involved. If Steelcase steel and/or modular furniture is incorporated into the project, it may be possible for design services to be provided by E&I Co-op, however in many cases where construction is involved, that may not apply. The FD&C project manager will determine the scope of the interior design portion of the project, recommend resources to support the design needs and guide the department in submission of the appropriate forms required to initiate services. There are a number of different avenues that may be followed, depending on the size and scope of a project, options will be discussed with the departmental representative and the FD&C project manager. If the project includes Steelcase steel and/or modular furniture items, the FD&C project manager will contact the E&I Co-op representative to include them in the planning and design meetings. Costs for these design services are included in the Steelcase contract prices.
Exhibit "A' lists contact names and phone numbers for the UCSD 
  representatives in Purchasing and FD&C, as well as contact information for 
  E&I Co-op.  Please keep this information handy for future reference.
  We hope this notice provides you with a good understanding of the services 
  available to support your furniture and interior design requirements. 
  Should you have any questions please contact our expert representatives 
  listed on Exhibit "A."
  M. Boone Hellmann, AIA, Campus Architect        Linda Collins 
  Assistant Vice Chancellor                       Purchasing Manager 
  Facilities Design and Construction              Business & Financial 
  Exhibit A
  Contact names and contract information
  UCSD Purchasing:
               Brant Yancey- Buyer
               email:  byancey@ucsd.edu
  UCSD Storehouse:  UCSD Storehouse carries a base line of Steelcase desks, 
  file cabinents and returns.  Contact the Storehouse at 536-3225.
  UCSD Facilities, Design and Construction:
               M. Boone Hellmann, AIA, Campus Architect 
               email bhellman@ucsd.edu
               Robert Wielage
               email rwielage@ucsd.edu
  UCSD Employee Rehabilitation:
               Barry Niman
                    email nimanb@ucsd.edu
  E&I Cooperative for Steelcase:
  Inside sales, pricing, field rep coordination and delivery information:
     Laura Hughes, 800/283-4449, email lhughes@eandi.org
  Field representative, systems furniture:
  Robyn Steele,  800/283-4449, email rsteele@eandi.org
  A list of additional UC furniture contract sources is available by 
  accessing the following web sites:
  Exhibit B
  List of Furniture related UC Agreements- 1997
     E&I Cooperative
     Steelcase c/o E&I Cooperative
     Lounge Furniture
     G/O Furniture
     Nemschoff Chairs
     R.M. Wieland Co.
  Office / Lounge Furniture:
     E&I Cooperative
     Steelcase c/o E&I Cooperative
     Continuum, Inc.
     G/O Furniture
     Kimball Intl.
     Knoll Group Systems Furniture, The
     Krueger Intl Furniture
     Loewenstein Inc.
     Steelcase Office Furniture
     Tab Products
     Wright Line Products
     Kimball Intl.
  Rental Furniture:
     Globe Furniture
  ** Detailed Information about these agreements is available by linking to 
  Purchasing's web site
  http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur/services/pursvcs/supplier.htm or by 
  contacting the appropriate professional buyers.
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