University of California, San Diego

May 22, 1997
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding Medical Center)
SUBJECT: Video Imaging for new Campus ID Card
In its continuing effort to improve and integrate access to a variety of campus services, UCSD is initiating the first phase of its new campus ID card system. The previous Polaroid based technology is being replaced by a video imaging system which allows for much faster processing time for your initial card, the ability to "choose" your image at the time of its taking, more convenient replacement of lost cards, and additional services.
The new card is the result of a campus-wide team charged by Vice Chancellor Steven Relyea which examined all possible campus card concepts and surveyed many departments and units about future services and desired capabilities. Consequently, the card will not just be the official UCSD "ID Card," but will also feature library privileges, security, parking, health and career services access, optional long distance telephone calling, as well as being a bus pass and having the option of being a low value debit card. This last feature will
enable purchases at vendor facilities throughout the campus including food outlets and the Bookstore. Not all of these features will be available immediately, but will be introduced over time as the ID card's characteristics are enhanced.
Students are having their pictures taken during the last two weeks in May, followed by staff during the upcoming months, and the faculty in the fall. The process is very simple and very fast. Each person fills out a card with their name, ID number and classification (Faculty, Staff or Student) and has their "picture" taken. The cards will be produced during the summer and distributed to each department at the beginning of fall quarter.
PLEASE NOTE: Because the process is even faster than originally thought, it is now possible to take faculty or staff pictures at this time instead of waiting. Therefore, faculty or staff members who wish to have their pictures taken now may do so from 8 am to 4:30 pm, May 23, 27, 28, 29 or 30. On May 28, pictures will be taken until 6 pm. There are no reservations.
ID picture taking will be done at: The Bursar's Office, 201 University Center. Also, you must bring a photo ID with you (such as a driver license, current UCSD ID card, passport or state ID card) to verify your identity. We believe that you will be pleased with the new card and its services.
Howard G. Fisher