University of California, San Diego

June 27, 1997
SUBJECT: Task Force on K-12 Outreach
On June 23, 1997, I appointed a Task Force on K-12 Outreach to develop a proposal to increase the participation of students from historically under-represented groups, and complement the array of outreach programs already in place at UCSD. The Task Force is comprised of faculty, administrators, staff and students.
As most of you are aware, earlier this month the Academic Senate voted on the UCSD Charter High School proposal. As a result of that vote, I asked the Academic Senate to join me in seeking fresh ideas for a UCSD initiative in preparatory public education. I insisted only that the initiative be a comprehensive, visible, UCSD-sponsored project designed to bring the possibility of academic excellence to promising but underserved children.
The newly appointed Task Force has therefore been charged with developing a proposal for an intensive UCSD educational project for underserved children. Their proposal is due to me by September 1, 1997.
The names of the Task Force members and their charge are attached. Please join me in thanking them all for their willingness to serve the campus and the community in this important task.
The Task Force is currently designing a web page to provide up-to-date information to the campus and community about their on-going efforts. This web page will also serve as a means in which comments and suggestions can be submitted to the Task Force. I encourage you to use the web page to stay informed and involved in its progress.
In addition, there are several other committees that have been established over the last few months in which parallel efforts are underway to address the overall issues of diversity at UCSD. As Chancellor, I am committed to ensuring that the UCSD campus is reflective of the diversity of the San Diego community. I ask that you join me in achieving this goal.
Robert C. Dynes
CHANCELLOR'S TASK FORCE ON K-12 OUTREACH (in alphabetical order)
John M. Carethers
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine
Ellen T. Comisso
Political Science
Paul W. Drake (Co-Chair)
Dean/Social Sciences
Professor/Political Science
Yen-Le Espiritu
Associate Professor
Ethnic Studies
Peter A. Gourevitch
Political Science
International Relations & Pacific Studies
David C. Gutierrez
Associate Professor
Ramon A. Gutierrez
Professor/ Ethnic Studies
Associate Chancellor/Office of the Chancellor
Susan Kirkpatrick
Associate Chancellor/Office of the Chancellor
Douglas Magde
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Arzo Mansuri
Associated Student Representative
Andrina Marshall
Staff Association Representative
Katynka Martinez
Graduate Student Association Representative
Hugh B. Mehan
David R. Miller
Associate Dean/School of Engineering Professor/Applied Mechanics & Engineering Sciences
Nicholas Spitzer (Co-Chair)
Jeffrey A. Steindorf (Executive Secretary) Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Planning/Budget
Mary L. Walshok
Associate Vice Chancellor
University Extension
Joseph W. Watson
Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs
John A. Woods
Vice Chancellor
Resource Management & Planning
Chancellor's Task Force on K-12 Outreach Charge
The goal that all children in the San Diego community, regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic background, have access to a primary and secondary education that will afford them the opportunity to qualify for admission to the University of California is widely shared. If this goal is to be achieved, all segments of society will need to make a commitment to it. As a campus of the University of California, we have a special responsibility to contribute to the effort to improve the preparation of students with the potential to enroll in the University. Although we have established numerous educational outreach programs, many of which target economically and educationally underserved children, it is widely agreed that we need to become more involved in primary and secondary education and that our efforts need to be more coherent and visible.
In light of these objectives, we would appreciate your serving as a task force to develop a proposal for a new, comprehensive initiative that targets economically and educationally under served K-12 students. We encourage you to think creatively about what form this initiative might take, but in the light of low eligibility rates of various demographic groups, it must serve to increase the participation of students from historically under-represented groups, and complement the array of outreach programs already in place. For your information, we have attached a copy of the Chancellor's remarks on this topic to the Representative Assembly and a guide to UCSD's pre-collegiate programs.
We ask that your work be completed by September 1, 1997 so that your proposal can be reviewed by relevant Senate committees during September and October and be considered by the Representative Assembly at its meeting in November.
Thank you for your willingness to devote your time to this important undertaking.
Georgios H. Anagnostopoulos Robert C. Dynes Chair, Academic Senate Chancellor