University of California, San Diego

SUBJECT: Communication Outages This Summer
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications (ACT) is remodeling and expanding its space in the Central Utilities Building, the core of UCSD's communication systems. We are also upgrading the air-conditioning and power to improve the reliability of the services there, particularly
of the campus data communications network.
This work will require that we schedule some outages. We do not expect the outages to last more than an hour or so, and we will schedule them during the "wee hours of the morning." During these times, much of the data communication both on- and off-campus will be interrupted and the cc:Mail server will not deliver messages. The Ericsson telephone system and the 800Mhz radio system should continue to work normally.
The exact timing of these outages is dependent on the progress of the construction work, but the first shutdown will occur in July, probably around the 10th, at midnight. In addition, several smaller shutdowns of individual pieces of equipment are likely.
We are sending this advance notice now, so that you will have as much awareness as possible prior to the events described above. We will announce major outages to the entire campus; minor outages will be announced to the campus-outages@ucsd.edu email list.
If you require further information, please call ACT's Help Desk at (619) 534-1853.
David Walker
Director, Telecommunications