University of California, San Diego

SUBJECT: Final Report of Task Force on K-12 Outreach As Co-Chairs of the UCSD Task Force on K-12 Outreach, we are compiling a list of faculty who would like to be affiliated through their research, teaching, and/or service activities with the proposed Center for Research in Educational Equity, Assessment, and Teaching
Excellence (CREATE). As you can see in the Executive Summary (below), your involvement could be with any of the five components of CREATE: Research, K-12 Partnerships, Model School, Outreach, or Teacher Education. If you would like to be included on a list of interested faculty, please notify Drake by email at pdrake@weber.ucsd.edu as soon as possible. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact either one of us.
Paul Drake Nicholas Spitzer Task Force Co-Chair Task Force Co-Chair ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Report of the UCSD Task Force on K-12 Outreach: Executive Summary The UCSD Task Force on K-12 Outreach recommends a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to increasing the numbers of underrepresented students who achieve eligibility, enroll, flourish, and graduate at UCSD and other UC caliber universities. We will do so by creating and expanding pipelines from K-12 to the University. Our plan has six
main components.
1. Establish a Center for Research in Educational Equity,
Assessment, and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) to integrate and promote UCSD's K-12 efforts. Assign it the job of coordinating and evaluating the other five elements in this proposal. Appoint a faculty Director and a staff Outreach Coordinator to lead CREATE.
2. Strengthen UCSD's existing outreach, recruitment, and retention programs. Improve their coordination, assessment, and funding.
3. Promote Partnerships between UCSD and the community: a) Expand current Partnerships to include subject matter training and establish new Cluster Partnerships encompassing the entire K-12 sequence. Appoint a Partnership Coordinator to spearhead these efforts and seek additional funding. Maintain the UCSD/K-12 Partnership Committee.
b) Launch the San Diego Alliance of Colleges and the Community for Educational and Scholastic Success (ACCESS) to build a community-wide coalition, an intersegmental Partnership, including UCSD, San Diego State University, the Community Colleges, the University of San Diego, the K-12 schools, and others to enhance the pre-college preparation of underrepresented students.
4. Found a Model School on the UCSD campus under Charter School
legislation as a beacon for educational achievement. Enroll students in grades 6-to-12. Through interaction with the Partnerships and other components of CREATE, use the School to pioneer new educational research and techniques to produce more students for UCSD. Fund it with monies from the school district and off-campus donors. 5. Expand UCSD research on educational issues, broadly defined.
Allocate three-to-four faculty positions in this field over the next four-to-five years. Nurture an Organized Research Unit on education and development.
6. Amplify teacher education and professional development programs, especially those focused on disciplinary subject matter.
We further recommend rigorous and regular assessment of all these programs. And we urge reviewers of academic files to give due credit to faculty involved in K-12 activities. The scope of what we can achieve in all the above programs will be determined by the new monies that can be generated. We believe that the costs to UCSD of all the above recommendations will be achievable and sustainable, and far outweighed by the benefits to UCSD, K-12 education, students, and the community.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Copies of the Task Force report have been distributed by Academic Senate Chair Fanestil to the Representative Assembly and the members of the Senate committees that will be reviewing the proposal. In addition, the full report and appendices may be viewed on the Task Force web site,
accessed through the UCSD home page (www.ucsd.edu). If you would like to obtain a hard copy, please notify Ms. Barbara Beard in Campus Planning at extension 43471.