University of California, San Diego

September 17, 1997
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding UCSD Medical Center)
SUBJECT: Telephone Tone-Sender Feature
Several weeks ago we sent out a message asking for your feedback regarding a proposed new telephone feature which would provide a permanent tone-sender during all calls. The drawback of such a feature is that it would require re-programming of function keys for those of you who want to use the Conference, Call back, and Common Hold functions on older telephones.
So far we have heard back from about 100 faculty and staff. A large majority of the respondents were against implementation of a permanent tone-sender feature, mostly due to the above drawback.
Based on this feedback we have decided not to implement this feature at this time. We will revisit this issue in a year or two, as more of the older telephone sets are replaced.
Please note that, as always, a tone-sender can be activated by pressing the '9' button (or the "Dial Add'l Digits" button) once a call has been made.
If you have any questions or comments, please send them to us via email to acthelp@ucsd.edu or by calling the ACT Help Desk at x41853.
Thank you for the valuable feedback.
Elazar C. Harel
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications
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