University of California, San Diego

September 19, 1997
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding Medical Center)
SUBJECT: Campus ID Card Update
We are pleased to report that the first phase of the new campus card system implementation was successfully completed. Over 16,000 images of faculty, staff and students were captured. While a good "continuing student" turnout was expected, especially appreciated was the number of faculty and staff that participated.
Campus card issuance to all freshmen, transfer students, entering graduates, and
entering medical students is now being done. During the period 9/20/97 to 9/25/97, additional picture taking and new campus card issuance for this group only will take place at Revelle Plaza Cafe, Revelle College.
Hours: Saturday/Sunday, 9am-5pm; and weekdays, 8am-4pm.
Final arrangements are being made to card all remaining faculty, staff, affiliates, and continuing students. This final phase is planned for late October, a time chosen to avoid competing with other campus activities.
Entering student card activity require that the Bursar's Office temporarily suspend picture taking. The one exception to this is new affiliates; they can continue to come to the Office and be carded. PLEASE DO NOT BE CONCERNED IF YOU OR YOUR EMPLOYEES HAVE NOT YET HAD YOUR PICTURES TAKEN. There will be ample opportunity. It is anticipated that an announcement concerning times, places and related matters for all future carding activities will be made soon. Additionally, comprehensive card information will be carried in the Guardian.
Current ID cards for faculty, staff, affiliates and students will continue to be valid for the entire Fall Quarter. Fall validation stickers for employee cards have been distributed to all departments, and will also be issued to all continuing students.
Howard G. Fisher