University of California, San Diego

September 26, 1997
SUBJECT: Proposed Changes to Student Wages for 1997-98
This communication is an update to the July 25, 1997 campus notice describing proposed changes to the salary plan for non-exclusively represented employees and is specifically directed at the affected student population, many of whom were not on campus last July. Please note that there have been some revisions to the July 25 proposal based upon suggestions from the campus community and as a result of the recent proposal to delay the general increase to November 1, 1997.
It is proposed that the majority of all casual-restricted positions be classified in the student Assistant series. Positions classified in non-exclusively represented titles (99) may retain their currently assigned classification, as deemed appropriate by the Job Opportunities Program staff. The Assistant IV level of the series, which has not been used at the San Diego campus, will be introduced to accommodate the higher paid casual-restricted positions where a variety of specialized skills are required. Proposed ranges for the Assistant series are:
4922 Assistant I no longer in use 4921 Assistant II $5.15 - 8.00/hour 4920 Assistant III $6.50 - 10.50/hour 4919 Assistant IV $9.00 - 18.50/hour
Casual-restricted positions will continue to be paid rates, within the ranges listed above, which are comparable to the rates paid to other UCSD employees performing similar functions.
Further, it is proposed that the local implementing procedure for Policy 30/Salary (HR-S-1) be modified to reduce the length of qualifying service required for students occupying casual-restricted positions to be considered for a merit increase. The current language states "Students 
employed in casual-restricted positions are eligible for a merit increase 
on the first of any month after completing 1260 hours on pay status and 
having been on pay status during each of the twelve months since the date 
of hire or last within-range increase." The proposed language is "Students 
employed in casual-restricted positions are eligible for a merit increase 
on the first of any month after completing twelve months on pay status 
since the date of hire or last within-range increase." Months on pay status would not need to be consecutive, allowing service after the summer break to be added to service prior to the summer break. "Pay status" includes any period of time for which an employee receives pay for time worked, including compensatory time off, or for time on paid leave. Therefore, a student employee returning to work on September 22 will not
be paid for September hours until October, nevertheless September qualifies as a month on pay status as it was the period of time worked.
The proposed effective date for the above-mentioned changes is November 1, 1997. Students or other interested parties who would like to comment on the proposed changes may do so by submitting written or electronic mail comments by October 23, 1997 to:
Phyllis Walker, Assistant Director Career Services Job Opportunities Program, Mail Code 0335 pfwalker@ucsd.edu
Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager
Human Resources, Mail Code 0922
Student employees should be made aware of this announcement. The comments received during this consultation period will be carefully considered as the final decisions are made.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources