University of California, San Diego

September 29, 1997
ALL AT UCSD (Excluding Medical Center)
SUBJECT: 1997-1998 Staff Education and Development Catalog
Welcome to another year full of opportunities for your continuous learning and development!
Staff Education and Development is pleased to announce the availability of its online 1997-1998 Staff Education and Development Catalog. In October, your department will be receiving multiple copies of the printed Catalog, so please see your departmental contact for your copy.
In looking back over the past year, we want you to know how much we appreciated your participation in Staff Education and Development courses and services. Many of you took advantage of new offerings, including the Sustaining Excellence Series and the Diversity Education Program. You also tuned into the Video Broadcast Service with greater frequency and continued to borrow from the Video Library to add to your options for learning.
As we look forward to this new year of offerings, we want to introduce you to two new course series, the Financial Systems, Policies and Procedures Series and Student Services Series. The Financial Systems, Policies and Procedures Series offers managers and fiscal support personnel knowledge, skills and tools in the application of financial systems, policies and procedures. Currently, the curriculum is organized into financial management and fiscal support modules. The Student Support Series, originated to support those who provide services to students, brings together two existing courses and will be developed further in the coming year.
In addition, the Information Technology Series has been significantly enhanced to support your need for up-to-the-minute training in the changing world of information technology. The series includes Creating a World Wide Web Home Page, Extending the Functionality of Your World Wide Web Pages, Advanced Microsoft Word 97 for Windows, Advanced Eudora Pro for Windows 95/NT, Introduction to Access 97, and Intermediate Access 97.
The Contract and Grant Series has been expanded to provide knowledge and skill development for administrators and researchers as the following new courses suggest: Cost Accounting Standards and the Disclosure Statement for Managers and Sponsored Project Experts, Cost Accounting Standards and the Disclosure Statement for Researchers and Academic Administrators, Human Subjects Application Workshop for the School of Medicine, and Human Subjects Workshop for the General Campus.
For managers, supervisors, and work leaders the "Performance Management" workshop has been redesigned as a six-part core course bringing together the key components of managing employee performance, from the "big picture" perspective of measuring organizational performance to the supervisory role in developing employee performance. We have also acquired two excellent new videos for leaders, "The Situation," and "Front of the Class." Team members, project managers, and graduates of the Sustaining Excellence Series will appreciate the new video by Richard Chang, "Step-by-Step 
In the fall, we will complete modifications to the Electronic Enrollment Service (EES). The result of this will be an EES that is easier to use and which readily accommodates more simultaneous users. And now, with our catalog online, we can bring new learning opportunities to you during the year, and we will. This year we anticipate adding new courses, acquiring new videos for the Video Library, and providing learning opportunities via the web. We invite you to consult "What's New" on the Staff Education and Development Learning Center Online to discover the latest resources and services available to you. You may locate the Learning Center Online by accessing InfoPath and selecting "Administrative" and then "Staff Education 
and Development." Or, you may enter the URL address "http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/online/staffedu/center/".
Please join us as we work together to create new options for learning!
Rogers Davis Lana Brenes Assistant Vice Chancellor - Director
Human Resources Staff Education and Development