Campus Notice
University of California, San Diego

SUBJECT: FEDERAL/STATE WORK-STUDY PROGRAMS REFERENCE: PPM 250-6.1, STUDENT EMPLOYMENT WORK-STUDY This campus notice is designed to provide necessary administrative information to potential employers under the College Work-Study Programs.
Work-Study program funds are provided to help meet a student's financial need while providing the student an opportunity to work, rather than borrow. In keeping with the spirit of the program, we encourage the development of jobs which will offer our students an opportunity for major- or career-related work experience. Additionally, we arerequired
by Federal Regulations to ensure that a portion of our Work-Study funds are used for community service work. We ask that you keep these objectives in mind when developing jobs for our students.
NEW: As part of the America Reads Challenge, UCSD will be utilizing a portion of increased Federal Work-Study funds for 1997-98 to start a new employment program for reading tutors. This new program will not require a departmental match and is being administered through Cal SOAP. Additionally, positions are available through the Off-Campus Work-Study Program for Rolling Readers.
SPLIT: The department matching portion will remain at 50% for the Federal and State Work-Study programs, with the exception of the new America Reads program which will not have a department match.
DATES: Students may begin work on Monday, September 22, 1997, and may continue through Friday, June 12, 1998, or when their Work-Study awards are depleted, whichever occurs first.
REVISIONS: At this time, our office does not anticipate converting
additional earnings or loans to Work-Study for the 1997-98 academic year.
JOB POSTING: Work-Study funded jobs may be viewed by students via the Career Services Center's homepage at www-csc.ucsd.edu, in the On-Line Career Lab or on computers located on the first floor in Career Services. Departments must specify on the vacancy listings which positions are funded with any type
of Federal funds, including Federal Work-Study. WORK-STUDY
DESIGNATION: When employing students on the Work-Study Program, departments must indicate "F" for Federal Work-Study, "S" for State Work-Study, or "I" for America Reads in the W block on the distribution line on the "EAPC" screen in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS). Failure to properly code these fields with "F" or "S" or "I" will result in 100% of the student's earnings being charged to the department. Also, the same coding must be included on specials and adjustment University Payroll Time Reports (PTRs). It is the responsibility of the departments to carefully review their DOPEs (Distribution of Payroll Expense Report) to ensure that their payroll documents have been key entered correctly. Problems with payroll key entry should be directed to the Payroll Office at the extensions listed below.
PAYROLL CAP: The Work-Study Program Cap prevents a charge to the Work-Study program if the student has reached the maximum the student is permitted to earn. After the maximum is reached, 100% of the student's earnings will be charged to the department. Questions about the cap for individual students should be directed to the appropriate college unit at Student Financial Services (SFS) at the numbers listed below.
AMOUNT: The Work-Study award amount appearing on the Financial Aid Award Letter is the gross earnings amount. This amount includes the department's portion, with the exception of the America Reads program which has no match from the department. It is unlawful to require the Work-Study recipient to repay or otherwise be responsible for the department's portion. Please be aware that award amounts often change throughout the year because of revisions to the student's awards. Also be aware that the student may have
been previously employed by another department on Work-Study funds and may have already earned a portion of the Work-Study award. If you have any questions regarding the current Work-Study award amount, please call SFS at the appropriate extension listed below. NO TIME
PROJECTION: Regulations do not allow the projection of earnings beyond the date the time sheet is signed and submitted. WORK
HOURS: Students employed on Work-Study may work a maximum of 40 hours per week, though we recommend less than 20 hours a week while the student is attending classes. Sick leave, vacation or holiday pay, and other non-wage payment may not be paid on any Work-Study funds. The work schedule should be a mutual agreement between the employer and the employee. MONTHLY
AUDIT: Immediately after each pay period, please forward a copy of the completed University PTR to the appropriate SFS unit at the mail codes listed below with the breakdown of hours worked on a daily basis, departmental and student signatures, and dates. For those departments who are using the On-Line Timekeeping System (OLPTR), please print a PTR from the OLPTR System to record the breakdown of hours worked on a daily basis, departmental and student signatures and dates. Please forward a copy of the completed and signed University OLPTR to the appropriate SFS unit at the mail codes listed below. Regulations require that Student Financial Services perform a detailed audit of Work-Study earnings. The University PTR is considered the common time sheet. Our office will not accept individualized department timesheets. Student Financial Services will audit payments made on Work-Study program funds and request copies of missing or incomplete PTRs. If a copy of the requested PTR is not submitted by the date requested, then the charge for the prior Work-Study payment associated with the requested PTR will be reversed and applied to your department account at 100%. The department will be notified when this occurs. Departments who repeatedly fail to follow the Work-Study procedures will be excluded from hiring Work-Study students. Please note that the original PTR should always be forwarded to Payroll. For audit purposes, Student Financial Services requires a photocopy and not the original PTR.
COMPLIANCE: Failure to comply with the Work-Study regulations may result in the termination of Work-Study employees in your department.
SESSIONS: An information meeting with Phyllis Walker, Pearl Trinidad, and Ann Klein will be held to answer questions about the Work-Study Program. The meeting will be held on Thursday, October 9, from 11:00 to 12:00 noon in the Multipurpose Room, Career Services on the first floor. We request that a representative from your department attend.
CONTACTS: Contact Accounting at x44075A, mail code 0953, with questions regarding Operating Ledger information. Contact the Job Opportunities Program at x44472, mail code 0335, with questions regarding employing students at UCSD. Contact Payroll at x42269 (A-K) or x43245 (L-Z), mail code 0952, with questions regarding payroll procedures. Contact Student Financial Services at the appropriate extensions and mail codes listed below if you have any questions about a student's Work-Study award or about our audit procedures. We recommend that you retain a copy of the student's job referral and make a note in each student's file as to which college he/she attends. THURGOOD MARSHALL COLLEGE SFS 43805 MAIL CODE 0013 MUIR COLLEGE SFS 43808 MAIL CODE 0013 REVELLE COLLEGE SFS 43806 MAIL CODE 0013 ELEANOR ROOSEVELT COLLEGE SFS 42550 MAIL CODE 0013 WARREN COLLEGE SFS 44686 MAIL CODE 0013 GRADUATE SFS 43807 MAIL CODE 0013 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SFS 44664 MAIL CODE 0013 We appreciate your interest in hiring Work-Study students and remain committed to working with you to maintain a successful and viable program. Please feel free to contact us or the appropriate departments listed above should you have any questions.
Student Financial Services