University of California, San Diego

October 7, 1997
SUBJECT: Approved Changes to the Salary Plan for Non-Exclusively Represented Employees
On July 25, 1997, a notice was distributed outlining proposed changes to the salary plan for non-exclusively represented employees. I am pleased to announce that following a very positive campus response to the proposal, the changes have been approved to take effect November 1, 1997.
Approved changes include the expansion of the Professional and Support Staff (PSS) Salary Grade Structure from seven to fourteen grades (Grades A through N); the deletion of fifty-nine vacant payroll titles; the expansion of salary ranges for the Programmer/Analyst and Computer Resource Manager series; and the reclassification of student-occupied casual-restricted positions into the Assistant series (Title Codes 4919 - 4922).
Revisions that have been made to the proposal as a result of your input include the following:
1) Referee/Umpire (TC 4022) will remain at a flat-rate and will not be placed on the salary structure at Grade A.
2) The House Manager series will be placed on the grade structure instead of retaining flat rates. Assistant House Manager (TC 6284) will be placed at Grade B, House Manager I (TC 6283) will be placed at Grade C, and House Manager II (TC 6282) will be placed at Grade D.
3) Program Representative I (TC 6454) will be placed at Grade F, not Grade E.
4) Material Planner (TC 8155) will be placed at Grade H, not Grade G; Material Coordinator (TC 8156), Assistant Inspector-Planner-Estimator (TC 8152), and Physical Plant Specialist (TC 8175) will be placed at Grade I, not Grade H. Inspector-Planner-Estimator (TC 8151) will be placed at Grade K, not Grade J. Senior Inspector-Planner-Estimator (TC 8150) will be placed at Grade L, not Grade K.
Respondents to the proposal recommended that the student Assistant IV (TC 4919) salary range maximum be increased to $18.50/hour from the proposed maximum of $15.00/hour. This component of the proposal is not yet finalized, and is subject to a student consultation period which is currently in progress and scheduled to conclude on October 25.
The proposed effective date stated in the July 25 notice was October 1, 1997. The actual effective date has been delayed to November 1, 1997 to coincide with the proposed delay of the general systemwide salary structure adjustment. The salary structure changes have been incorporated into the on-line merit increase recommendation forms for non-exclusively represented employees which are currently in the process of being completed by departments across campus.
A revised Title and Pay Plan will be issued as soon as possible. Until that time, a complete description of the changes and new salary structure can be found at the Classification, Compensation and Records website at the address below:
Please contact Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager, at jjohnson@ucsd.edu or at extension 40986 if you have any questions regarding these changes.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources