University of California, San Diego

October 24, 1997
ALL AT UCSD SUBJECT: UCSD Catastrophic Leave Donation Program
The UCSD Staff Association is beginning its second year of maintaining a confidential list of potential donors in support of the UCSD Catastrophic Leave Donation Program which is managed by the Human Resources Department Office of Policy Development and Quality of Work/Life.
The UCSD Staff Association's confidential list of prospective donors is made available to the supervisor or the supervisor's designee of prospective recipients who have either a personal or family catastrophic medical circumstance.
The Staff Association Donor ID Program is completely voluntary and is open to ALL UCSD STAFF.
Being a prospective donor means that you will be contacted to see if you wish to donate vacation hours in support of an eligible recipient. A donor may not always be able to donate vacation hours, but may remain on the list to be contacted at some future date.
If you are interested in registering for the UCSD Staff Association Donor ID Program please forward the following information to Andrina Marshall, Chair, UCSD Staff Association at sachair@ucsd.edu or via campus mail at mail code 0912: Name, Mail Code, Vice-Chancellor Area, Department, Phone Extension, Payroll Title, and E-mail Address.
Registration for the UCSD Staff Association Donor ID Program is for one year, from November 1 - October 31 (you may add or remove your name from
the list at any time). After one year, prospective donors will be contacted to see if they wish to renew for another year.
The Catastrophic Leave Donation Program is strictly voluntary and provides opportunities for willing and eligible employees to donate leave hours to support their colleagues' family and medical leave circumstances under defined criteria. Please see the Human Resources Homepage at: http://www-hr.ucsd.edu/~qwl/
Select UCSD Implementing Procedures July 1, 1996; scroll to Policy 43/Leave of Absence, UCSD Catastrophic Leave Donation Program (HRS-2)
or contact the Human Resources Office of Policy Development Quality of Work/Life
Office for additional information. They can be reached at (619) 534-9659 or electronically at jcraig@ucsd.edu.
Andrina Marshall
Chair, UCSD
Staff Association