University Of California, San Diego

November 17, 1997 ALL AT UCSD (Excluding Medical Center)
SUBJECT: Campus ID Carding Event
Last week, the Campus Card Office began taking pictures and issuing new
Triton Plus Campus Cards to students. To accomplish this task, the Office
brought in additional equipment and staff. Because of these additional
resources, at midweek it became possible to card staff and faculty as well.
Many campus departments were contacted and their employees responded to
the opportunity. The current carding activities are scheduled to go through Friday, November 21. Campus staff are strongly encouraged to go to the Plaza Cafe at Revelle College between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m to have their
cards issued (whether or not they have already had their picture taken).
Faculty are also encouraged to be carded at the same time. However, it is
anticipated that a special faculty carding event will take place at a later
date at the Faculty Club. Staff members should take advantage of this
week's opportunity as there have been almost no lines and the processing has taken only about five minutes per individual.
To receive your card you SHOULD present your old card and MUST have
your UCSD employee ID number. The old card is necessary to retrieve data
and change the library bar code. If a staff member does not have an old
card, other arrangements will be made at Revelle Plaza. If individual staff members cannot be carded next week, there will be make
up sessions later. Departments will be advised as to time, place, and date. A few individuals have asked whether cards can be sent to their departments
in batch or by mail. This is not possible due to the heavy volume,
security reasons, and the fact that old cards must be turned in and
destroyed at the time of issuance. We are also not honoring multiple card
requests from a department delivered by one individual. This is not fair
to other individuals waiting to be served.
SIO staff and faculty are not included in this week's carding activities as
their cards will be issued on site at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
as soon as arrangements are made.
Thank you. Howard G. Fisher