University of California, San Diego

November 25, 1997
SUBJECT: Change in UCSD Banking Relationship
The University of California, San Diego will be changing its banking relationship from Union Bank to Bank of America, effective December 1, 1997. This change will bring UCSD into alignment with the other UC campuses.
In preparation for this change, all departments will need to order new Bank of America endorsement stamps. There will be no charge to departments for their initial stamp order. Stamp orders must be faxed to:
Terry Peach
Bank of America
FAX number (510) 603-7239
Please include the following information with your order:
Number of stamps to be ordered (limit 2)
Name of person who is ordering and who is to receive the stamp Address for mailing of stamp (must be a UCSD location)
Account #12330-18188 - this account # must be referenced on all orders placed
Department-specific descriptive information (limit 1 or 2 lines) Type of stamp required (e.g., self-inking)
Any questions pertaining to stamp orders should be directed to Terry Peach, Bank of America, phone number (510) 675-7350.
In order to properly identify checks, departments that have not obtained the new Bank of America endorsement stamp by December 1, can continue to use the old Union Bank stamp through December 15, 1997.
If you have any questions, please contact Marisela Garcia-Centeno, Central Cashier's Unit Manager at (619) 534-3747.
Howard G. Fisher