University of California, San Diego

December 22, 1997
SUBJECT: Conflict of Interest Pilot Program for Service Agreements
This notice serves to inform faculty and staff about a pilot program that will be implemented January 1, 1998 requiring the completion and submittal of a UCSD "Statement of Economic Interest on Incoming Service Agreements" form. This form is to be submitted with all requests to establish incoming service agreements with entities that seek services from UCSD. These types of agreements are generally known as "service agreements" or "incoming 
purchase orders" and are processed on behalf of UCSD by the Business Contracts Office of Purchasing.
This pilot program is being established in an effort to comply with University policies in support of the Political Reform Act of 1974 which requires all employees and officers to disqualify themselves from participating in a University decision when a financial conflict of interest is present. Accordingly, UCSD established a resident Conflict of Interest (COI) office to coordinate COI activities for the campus. An Independent Review Committee (IRC), consisting of representatives from faculty, is charged with advising the Chancellor on issues regarding: (1) management of COI situations which may result in the loss of federal and state funds and research opportunities; and (2) assisting employees in assessing certain circumstances where outside employee activities or involvement may inappropriately conflict with their University position.
Currently, under the Political Reform Act and existing University policies, faculty and staff positions identified as Designated Officials are required to disclose certain financial interests that exist with entities doing business with the University. However, because of the recent emphasis on potential conflict of interest relationships, it was determined that a pilot program be established which would extend the disclosure requirement to those faculty and staff who are involved with agreements for services that are contracted for use by outside entities.
The pilot program will begin January 1, 1998 and continue through March 31, 1998. All requests to establish service agreements or incoming purchase orders for amounts greater than $1000 will require completion by the Principal Investigator or individual making the decision of a "Statement of 
Economic Interest on Incoming Service Agreements" form. The Business Contracts Office requires that this form be sent with all documents that are pertinent to the establishment of the service agreement or incoming purchase order. All statement of economic interest forms will be forwarded to the COI Office for review and approval prior to the establishment of any agreement.
At the conclusion of the pilot program an evaluation of the results will be conducted and a recommendation will be made to expand the pilot program, institute a permanent reporting program or continue with the current conduct of business.
Thank you for your full cooperation during this pilot period. We ask that you forward this information to your faculty and staff and make them aware of the pilot program. Information about this program, along with a copy of the form, can be accessed from the Business Contract's web site at http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur/services/buscon.htm.
Steven W. Relyea Paul Saltman, Chair
Vice Chancellor - Business Affairs Independent Review Committee