University of California, San Diego

January 27, 1999
SUBJECT: Chancellor's Associates Faculty Grants
To enrich the intellectual environment of our campus and community, I am
setting aside a portion of the discretionary funds contributed by the
Chancellor's Associates to support projects proposed by UCSD faculty.
Distribution of these funds is designed to encourage the development of
projects that will promote innovation and enhance intellectual exchange
among scholars, researchers, students and the broader community. A
selection committee made up of representatives from the Academic Senate,
Academic Affairs, the Chancellor's Associates and External Relations will
review proposals for faculty grants and will forward their recommendations
to me.
Last year fifty proposals were submitted in response to my call for
requests and seventeen grants ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 were awarded.
A copy of the grant guidelines and application format is attached. The
deadline for proposals is March 31, 1999.
Robert C. Dynes
The Chancellor of UCSD has a discretionary fund derived from the annual
private contributions made by members of the Chancellor's Associates.
From time to time portions of this fund may be allocated for projects
initiated by members of the faculty. Academically oriented projects will
receive priority.
Guidelines for making grants are as follows:
1) Grants are made on a one-time-only basis, for a maximum of $10,000.
2) Other sources of funding, including matching grants, should be
investigated before applying.
3) Consideration will be given to achieving an equitable distribution of
grants among the various academic divisions.
4) Special consideration will be given to projects that: a) will bring
significant benefits to the campus and the community; b) are innovative
and do not fit easily into categories usually funded by other sources;
c) are proposed by junior faculty; d) require seed money in order to
attract extra-mural funding.
5) In most instances, Chancellor's Associates grants will not be made for
the full cost of a program or project.
6) Funding of student fees for research assistants is allowed, but grants
will not be made to fund undergraduate scholarships or graduate fellowships.
7) Grants are not made to fund deficits incurred for an event or project
that has already been completed.
8) Grants are not made to fund travel or living expenses to conduct
Submit your application by March 31, 1999 to the UCSD Chancellor's
Associates Faculty Grant Selection Committee, Mailcode 0937, x47140. If
awarded, grantee is responsible for returning unused funds. Approval from
the Committee is necessary for any change in the use of funds.
Proposals should be written in general terms, comprehensible to
non-specialists, using the following format. The total package should not
exceed seven pages.
Title of Proposal:
Submitted by:
Signature of Dept. Chair/Dean:
I. Description of project (not to exceed 3 pages)
II. Time schedule for carrying out project
III. Overall project budget (list broad category breakdown and dates of
expected expenditures)
IV. Specific amount requested and other sources of funding, including
pending grant requests
V. C.V., including employment history, significant publications, funding
support, and honors covering the last five years, as well as earlier
substantial credits (not to exceed 2 pages)