University of California, San Diego

January 29, 1999
SUBJECT:	Clerical/Administrative Series Classification Criteria
A committee was established by Human Resources to examine positions in the
__Assistant classification series and Administrative Specialist
classification that are assigned responsibilities in the functional areas
of fiscal administration, human resources and executive assistance. The
committee was charged to develop criteria defining specific classification
levels, taking into consideration the changing work environment, which
could be used as a supplement to the University-wide classification
The committee consisted of the following individuals:
Michael Bloom, Psychiatry
Jim Carney, Human Resources
Georgia Crowne, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Patti Harp, Psychology
Pat Jordan, Marine Physical Lab
Stephen Lopez, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Vivian Townes, CRD/Cal Space, PORD
Thelma Vanesian, Human Resources
Debbie Wenck, VC-Student Affairs
John White - Sr. VC - Academic Affairs
The committee issued its report, which recognized significant changes in
the work environment including new funding relationships, new legal and
regulatory requirements, new collective bargaining agreements, and
increased distribution of authority previously held by central offices. To
appropriately evaluate clerical/administrative positions in recognition of
these changes, the committee developed several tools to assist department
personnel and Human Resources in classifying position descriptions. The
first tool is a factor matrix that describes a continuum of positions from
Senior Clerk through Administrative Specialist in terms of seven common
factors. The second tool is a task matrix that illustrates a sample of
tasks exemplifying the types of fiscal administration, human resources and
executive assistance activities performed at various classification levels.
The report and draft matrices were previously shared with business officers
and department Human Resource contact persons across campus. Based upon a
very favorable response, they have been approved for use effective
immediately. Each matrix table is available in Adobe Acrobat format on the
Human Resources Department's web site at:
If your computer does not already have Adobe Acrobat downloaded, you will
have to download Adobe Acrobat by clicking on the Adobe Reader instructions
at the above web site before you can view the matrix tables. Contact your
department systems administrator if you require help with this download.
I encourage interested persons to view this supplemental criteria and
supervisors to determine whether positions in your unit should be submitted
for classification review. There will be no automatic across-the-board
reclassification of these positions. Requests for individual
classification reviews will be processed in the customary manner.
Similar efforts are underway to develop supplemental classification
criteria for department financial analysts, and graduate/undergraduate
student services coordinators in academic departments.
If you have any questions regarding this notice or the matrices referenced
above, please contact Judy Johnson, Compensation Manager, via electronic
mail at jjohnson@ucsd.edu or at extension 40986.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor -
Human Resources