University of California, San Diego

February 1, 1999
SUBJECT:	Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program,
1999-2000 Call for Vice Chancellor/Departmental
Proposals for Funds
I am pleased to announce the call for Vice Chancellor/departmental proposals
for Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program funds for the 1999-2000
fiscal year. Vice Chancellor units, departments or departments in
collaboration with other departments are invited to submit proposals for
funds to support departmental training and development programs, which will
enhance the job skills of employees. The proposed activity must benefit a
minimum of three individuals and must reflect supplemental funding in the
total funds requested. Annually, we seek to fund several projects. Last
year, nine projects were funded with a total allocation of $114,000.
The program funds may be utilized to:
I. Provide on-the-job training by placing participants in temporary
positions (i.e., casual or internship) or by creating temporary
positions for the participants, or
II. Enhance the skills of participants to prepare them for career
One of UCSD's objectives is to increase diversity in career positions. The
implementation of the Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program is one
method by which this objective may be achieved. The proposal form, selection
criteria, and requirements are attached. Please submit your proposal to
Human Resources-Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action, mail code 0923,
by Monday, April 26, 1999.
The Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program Committee, formerly Staff
Affirmative Action Training Program Committee, will review the proposals and
send notification letters of their decisions on funding by the end of June
1999. The implementation of the Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program
will be in compliance with equal opportunity/affirmative action requirements
and other applicable UC policies.
Please direct questions to Patty Arnett at Equal Opportunity/Staff
Affirmative Action extension 46466.
Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
Business Affairs
1. The proposed activity must benefit at least three individuals.
Collaboration between departments is allowed.
2. The proposed activity must occur during the period of July 1, 1999
through June 30, 2000.
3. The Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program Committee may ask Vice
Chancellor units/departments to provide a brief presentation to the
Committee if more information is needed about the program.
4. All awarded funds must be expended and documentation submitted for
reimbursement before June 30, 2000.
5. Please attach a sample copy of your program's participant evaluation
form to your proposal. (A draft copy is acceptable.) Please ask
specific and measurable questions of your program participants, including
the following:
a. Identify your personal goals relative to this program.
b. What skills were obtained and valued in relationship to the personal
goals identified?
c. What one thing would you change for next year?
6. If your program was awarded funds last year, please submit a preliminary
1998/99 program evaluation along with your 1999-2000 proposal by April
1998. (See the Committee's request for year-end program evaluation
information in #7 below.)
7. The year-end evaluation for 1998-99 programs is due by July 15, 1999. In
the program evaluation, the Committee would like to see the instructor or
program coordinator: 1) link the goals of the participants directly to
the training or program provided; 2) analyze the participant evaluations;
and 3) identify successful aspects of the program as well as improvements
that can be made for the next year. Please provide a list of program
participant's names and employee id numbers to track their career
progression at UCSD.
8. Deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, April 26, 1999. Please
submit 12 complete copies to Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action
mail code 0923. Proposals should not exceed five pages.
The following is an example of a previously funded training program:
Funding was awarded for a laboratory technical training center to help
employees become more competitive in laboratory technical level positions
upon completion of the program. The funds enabled 8 - 12 individuals to
attend this training program without cost to them or to their departments.
During the Committee's review process, a combination of the following
factors will be considered.
1. Are there sufficient anticipated openings to allow reasonable chance for
promotion or transfer of the participants?
2. Is the proposed program part of an attainable career plan for promotion
or career change of the participants?
3. What supplemental funding sources or resources will the department
contribute for training the participants?
4. Have funds been awarded in previous years to the department? If so, the
program evaluation submitted in accordance with Requirement #6 above
will be used in the evaluation of the proposal.
University of California, San Diego
1999-2000 Staff Equal Opportunity Enrichment Program
Vice Chancellor/Departmental Proposal for Funds
Please review the selection criteria and adhere to the requirements.
Vice Chancellor area:
Mail Code:
Contact Person:
Electronic Mail Address:
1.	Title of Program:
2.	Summary of Proposed Activity:
3.	Objective of Proposed Activity / Anticipated Goals of the
Program Participants:
4.	Anticipated Number of Staff to be Served:
Collaboration of departments is allowed to ensure that at least three
individuals benefit from the proposed program.
If known, list names and titles of employees:
5.	Training Methods to be Utilized. Describe the type of courses
to be taught or topics that will be covered.
6.	Describe How You Will Measure the Effectiveness of the
Program. Describe how the program will meet participantsí
goals and how your year-end program evaluation will measure
that. (Attach a sample copy of your programís participant
evaluation form.)
7.	Total Funds Requested:
Please attach an itemized budget. Be sure to include descriptions of all
costs and supplemental funding sources. (See sample below.)
Item Cost Total
Instructor's Fees 2 @ $2,000, 4 @ $500 $6,000
Training Materials 6 @ $ 100 $ 600
Printing/Publicity 6 @ $ 100 $ 600
Addressing Services/Mailing 6 @ $ 150 $ 900
Audio/Visual Charges 6 @ $ 50 $ 300
Subtotal $8,400
Less: Department Supplemental Funding -(3,400)
Total Amount Requested $5,000
* This proposal should not exceed five pages.
* If funded last year, attach your preliminary program evaluation.
Please send 12 copies to:
Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action,
Attention: Patty Arnett
Mail Code 0923
No later than Monday, April 26, 1999