University of California, San Diego

February 23, 1999
During the last few months, incidents of theft have increased at UCSD.
Thefts and burglaries have occurred at various times and locations
throughout the campus. Community members have reported thefts and
burglaries occurring at their offices, laboratories, cabinets, safes,
vehicles, and residences. The thieves are taking money, computers, office
equipment, electronic equipment, stereos, wallets, credit cards and
personal items.
Since the beginning of the 1998 fall quarter:
- 21 automobiles have been reported stolen from every major parking
lot on campus, from S.I.O. to the Mesa Housing Complex.
- 11 automobile burglaries have been reported from various locations
around campus.
- 80 bicycles have been reported stolen from locations all around
- 15 wallets have been reported stolen from the men's locker room at
- numerous burglary cases have been reported involving property
taken from offices, laboratories and private residences.
UCSD Police Department's investigation of these crimes reveals that no one
individual or "ring" is responsible for them. The information gathered
suggests that both university affiliates and non-affiliates were involved.
Opportunists taking advantage of the easy access to valuables at UCSD
committed most of these crimes.
An informed community can be a safer community. Do not fall victim to a
false sense of security. UCSD is not immune to criminal activity. Keep
your valuables under observation or in a secure area. Be alert to unknown
persons or suspicious activity in your area. Report these things to the
UCSD Police Department.
Working together we can make UCSD a safer place to work, to study, and to
learn. Anyone having information concerning any criminal activity occurring
at UCSD is asked to call the UCSD Police Department at 534-4357.
For more information on how you can help prevent crimes on campus, please
contact Crime Prevention Officer Al Jenkins at 534-3644.
Maudie Bobbitt
Chief of Police