University of California, San Diego

February 25, 1999
The Sixth College Planning Committee is beginning its work. The committee is composed of six faculty members and three members of the Central Administration appointed by the Senior Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs. We have been asked to make a recommendation by the end of May.
We invite you to contribute ideas and comments to the process of defining the college. Please send your thoughts and suggestions to me, or to any member of the planning committee, by Friday, March 19, if possible. Our e-mail addresses and campus mail codes are listed below. We will be happy to receive anything from detailed and well-considered proposals to brief remarks pertinent to our task. The committee's charge is to define the intellectual orientation of the college and to propose a preliminary academic plan. The setting out of specific general education courses and the details of graduation requirements will be done at a later stage of the planning process by a different group of faculty. The contributions of individual faculty members and of the departments and colleges will serve as one of the principal bases for the committee's deliberations. After we have considered the ideas and comments sent to us, we may ask some faculty to meet with the committee. We will also solicit ideas from department chairs, directors of interdisciplinary programs, the college provosts, and the divisional deans. We look forward to hearing from
DAVE MILLER (Chair), Acad. Affairs 0001 dmiller@ucsd.edu
for: Sixth College Planning Committee
FRANCINE BERMAN, CSE 0114 fberman@ucsd.edu
JAMES BRANSON, Physics 0319 jbranson@ucsd.edu ANN CRAIG, Provost-Roosevelt Coll. 0069 acraig@ucsd.edu
DAVID GUTIERREZ, History 0104 dggutierrez@ucsd.edu
WILLIAM KRISTAN, Biology 0357 wkristan@ucsd.edu
LAURA SCHREIBMAN, Psychology 0109 lschreibman@ucsd.edu
RAND STEIGER, Music 0326 rsteiger@ucsd.edu
JEFFREY STEINDORF, AVC-Planning 0006 jsteindorf@ucsd.edu
(Executive Secretary) JOSEPH WATSON, VC-Student Affairs 0015 jwwatson@ucsd.edu