University of California, San Diego

March 10, 1999
SUBJECT:	UCSD Staff Associations
This is a reminder that a number of staff associations have received
official recognition at UCSD to assist in creating a welcoming and
nurturing environment for members of the UCSD community.
The UCSD Staff Associations listed below foster communication among
University entities, assist in the recruitment and retention of a
diversified work force, and pursue other goals of mutual importance.
These groups sponsor educational programs and normally hold regular monthly
meetings that promote networking and career development. Membership is
open to all UCSD career and casual employees.
I strongly encourage all supervisors to be flexible and permit employees to
attend the meetings and programs of these associations as long as the
programs are secular in nature as part of normal University business, and
their job responsibilities do not conflict with their participation.
Employees who wish to participate in any of these associations' meetings
and programs that are secular in nature during scheduled work hours must
obtain supervisory approval in advance.
The currently recognized staff associations are as follows:
American Indian Faculty and Staff Association
Black Staff Association
Chicano/Latino Staff Association
Community Advocates for Disability Rights and Education
Faculty and Staff Christian Fellowship
Pan-Asian Staff Association
UCSD Staff Association
Umbrella Group
Women's Caucus
More information may be obtained from the Human Resources Division of Equal
Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action at 534-3694, or via electronic mail
to lolvera@ucsd.edu.
Please post and/or route this notice and bring it to the attention of
supervisors, timekeepers, and other appropriate department personnel.
Robert C. Dynes