University of California, San Diego

March 19, 1999
SUBJECT:	Sharecase99 - March 24, 1999
The rapid growth and success of UC San Diego has been remarkable, but has
also created administrative challenges for staff who support the research,
teaching, clinical, and community activities of the campus. In response,
staff from academic and administrative units have worked together to develop
web-based tools and other technology that will address these challenges and
help sustain the excellence that UC San Diego has achieved.
Next Wednesday, the UCSD Middle Management Council and Business Affairs will
co-host an important event at the Price Center for staff who are interested
in how technology can help them be successful in tackling these challenges.
This day-long event, will include live demonstrations of new web-based tools
and other technology in areas such as:
* Department Financial Reporting and Administration
* Student Information
* Management of Contracts and Grants
* Human Resources
* Security, Email, Purchasing, and Many More Areas...
In fact, when you visit the Sharecase99 web site at
http://sharecase99.ucsd.edu you will find a description of over 40
presentations, 30 exhibit hall demonstrations, presentation schedule, vendor
booth information, and exhibit hall layout to aid you in your visit to the
event. Come join us for live demonstrations and great ideas from selected vendors and campus service providers along with giveaways and food. Exhibitors will be available for individual consultations, so bring your questions.
Please RSVP (at http://sharecase99.ucsd.edu) in order to allow us to plan
appropriately for your visit.
I encourage supervisors to release staff to attend job-related presentations
as work permits. This is a wonderful development opportunity for attendees
to efficiently obtain information on a variety of topics.
I look forward to seeing you at Sharecase99 on Wednesday, March 24th.
Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor - Business