University of California, San Diego

March 24, 1999
SUBJECT:	Equal Opportunity in Business Contracting
The purpose of this notice is to reaffirm UCSD's commitment to equal
opportunity in business contracting. UCSD's policy governing
nondiscrimination in business contracting requires that we ensure all
contract and purchase order awards for goods and services at the University
are made in a fair and impartial manner. A statement of this policy is
available for review at http://www.ucop.edu/matmgt/matmgt/sbdgui.html.
In order to comply with this policy, it is UCSD's intent to employ a broad
range of outreach activities designed to improve the University's access to
qualified small businesses including disadvantaged, women-owned and
disabled veteran suppliers for possible use by UCSD, and to ensure fair
opportunities exist for placement of purchase orders with such firms. In
support of this goal, in September 1998, UCSD presented the second annual
Vendor Faire that provided suppliers with information about how to do
business with UCSD. This event featured workshops to assist new suppliers
regarding the University's procurement and contracting business practices.
Future outreach events will be ongoing.
All departmental requesters and low value buyers are encouraged to embrace
the policy of the University by working together with the professional
buyers responsible for high value procurements. Only through this spirit
of teamwork, cooperation and communication will we achieve UCSD's
commitment to equal opportunity in business contracting.
We encourage you to contact UCSD's Small Business Office at extension 43081
or the professional buyers in Purchasing at extension 43084 with questions
regarding your role in ensuring equal opportunity in business contracting
or visit Purchasing's web site at http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur/. Our site
provides access to a directory of "Who's Who in Purchasing", and other
valuable information about purchasing policies and procedures. In the near
future campus customers will be able to search for qualified business by
product or service by accessing a web search mechanism currently under
development. In the meantime please contact UCSD's Small Business Office
at extension 43081 for vendor source listings. We encourage campus
personnel to direct suppliers to learn more about UCSD purchasing
opportunities by visiting our web site titled "Vendor Guide to Doing
Business with UCSD" at http://www-bfs.ucsd.edu/pur/
Please join me in supporting our commitment to equal opportunity in
business contracting at UCSD.
Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor - Business Affairs