University of California, San Diego

April 22, 1999
SUBJECT: Alumni Association Award Recipients for 1999
1999 Award Recipients Announced:
Carol Becker, Dean of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, will
receive the Outstanding Alumna Award. Becker is an important proponent,
nationally and internationally, of the view that artists play an important
role in democratic societies. A frequent speaker and writer, she is an
extremely respected public intellectual and an important bridge between
artists and the public. Her three books of social and cultural analysis
have been translated into half a dozen languages. She has had an enormous
impact on art education through her exemplary role in directing one of the
great art schools in the world today. Becker received her Ph.D. in
Literature in 1975.
The Association's Professional Achievement Award will be presented to
biologist Craig Venter, BS '72, Ph.D. '75. As President of the Institute
for Genomic Research in Rockville, Maryland, Venter has been pursuing
scientific and engineering research in the field of human genomics. His
remarkable accomplishments in the development of new techniques are enabling
investigators to map the human genome cheaper and faster than experts
thought possible. This extraordinary breakthrough has attracted corporate
and federal government interest in the study of functional genomics and its
application in the treatment of genetically based diseases.
Professor Mark Kritchevsky , SOM '77, will be honored for Distinguished
Teaching. As director of the Neurology Residency Program within the
Department of Neuroscience and the School of Medicine, Kritchevsky is
recognized as the quintessential teacher. His teaching is so popular with
medical students that he has received 17 teaching awards during his 16 years
at UCSD. These honors include 10 consecutive Kaiser Permanente Awards for
Excellence in Teaching, the Neurology Resident's Faculty Teaching Award, the
Department of Neuroscience Award for Outstanding Teaching on 6 occasions and
the Department of Psychiatry Award for Excellent Teaching.
Professor Jorge Mariscal, Department of Literature, has won the
Distinguished Service to the University Award for his commitment to
fostering diversity in the student body and the campus community. He has
had success in creating a sense of dignity in many of California's young
people who, though economically disadvantaged, have learned to draw on their
respective individual abilities and cultural heritages in pursuing
educational goals.
Professor Paul Saltman, Department of Biology, will be recognized as
Honorary Alumnus for a life that has been dedicated to the inspiration of
his students and an ongoing involvement with graduates. Saltman is an
unparalleled role model for students and faculty alike. For many years he
has been sharing his expertise with science and non-science K-12 teachers
throughout San Diego, transforming science education in San Diego. These distinguished recipients will be honored along with seven outstanding
graduating seniors on Saturday evening, June 12, at the Awards for
Excellence Gala in the Price Center Pavilion. Bernie Farrow
Executive Director
Alumni Relations