University of California, San Diego

May 27, 1999
SUBJECT: Authorization for Airfare Billed to UCSD-Event Numbers
All payments made by UCSD require authorization by the appropriate authority and payments for airline travel are no exception. When airfare is being billed to UCSD, an authorization in the form of an Event Number is required to provide reasonable protection against improper payments. In addition, the event number associates a traveler with a specific trip and aids the Travel Office in tracking and allocating payments appropriately.
The Travel Office has been providing information about UCSD's new Travel Agency program by notice, e-mail, and training classes since the RFP/RFI process began in 1998. While most departments are already generating an Event Number when billing airfare to UCSD, this will become a requirement as of July 1.
Airfare for all travelers can be billed to UCSD through the central Diners account held by our Partner Agency. Employees may also charge their own airfare to their UCSD Diners Card when using either our Partner Agency or one of the Alliance Agencies whose profiles are displayed on our web site. Airfare charged to an employee's Diners Card is also billed directly to UCSD. Travel agencies will now ask for an Event Number. When booking airfare either on the web or directly with an airline by using an employee's UCSD Diners card, an Event Number must be generated in advance authorizing the charge so that the Travel Office can automatically pay for the airfare.
For travelers preferring to use their own form of payment for airfare such as a personal credit card, an Event Number is not required and the cost will be promptly reimbursed upon submission of a Travel Expense Voucher. Travel advances cannot be authorized to pay travelers prior to trip completion for airfare when this method is used.
Event Number Assigned by the Department
Those with access to our on-line system can either complete the "Going on a Trip" web page in TravelLink or the TRAVAUTH screen in IFIS which will automatically generate an Event Number.
Event Number Assigned by the Travel Office
Those not yet utilizing the on-line systems can complete and submit a "Travel Notification and Request for Advance" form for generating an Event Number that will either be e-mailed or otherwise provided. Reservations can be held by the agency until an Event Number is provided, but a reservation does not guarantee the fare.
It is recognized that there are unique situations, special requirements, and emergencies and we have attempted to contact these travelers and departments in advance of the issuance of this notice to address these exceptions. Those who have not been contacted and require special consideration should contact the Travel Office.
Your understanding and cooperation in assisting UCSD in maintaining accountable processes is appreciated. Please look for future notices describing the substantial benefits available through UCSD's Travel Agency program and visit the Travel web site for complete travel agency information, a staff directory, and downloadable forms:
Faye E. McCullough
Disbursements and Travel