University of California, San Diego

May 28, 1999
SUBJECT: Formal Review of the UCSD Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
In March of 1999, the UCSD community was invited to review proposed changes
to the existing sexual harassment policy and procedures. These proposed
changes included the following:
1. Clarification of procedures for informal resolution of complaints;
2. Clarification of the role of Sexual Harassment Information Advisors;
3. Formal investigations to be conducted by a single investigator;
4. Clarification of the relationship between the procedures for formal
complaints and the procedures for discipline or grievance;
5. Inclusion of a section regarding academic freedom;
6. Inclusion of a section regarding consensual relations; and
7. Inclusion of a section regarding false charges.
The committee thanks those people who provided comments to the proposed
policy and procedures. All comments were reviewed and discussed, and, after careful consideration, the committee endorsed some of the suggested
revisions. These include a number of changes in the wording of specific
sections and the following larger changes:
1.	Clarification of the factors to be considered in determining whether
particular conduct creates a hostile environment.
2.	Revision of the definition of informal complaints to distinguish these from pre-complaint inquiries.
3.	Provision for formal notice to the accused of a request for formal
4.	Addition of a section regarding interim protection or remedies for a complainant.
5.	Provision for providing a copy of the redacted report to both the
complainant and the accused where the complaint is to be dismissed, when UCSD policy permits.
6.	Provision for instituting a formal or informal investigation when, in very unusual circumstances, there is no complainant willing to come forward but the conduct is serious.
7.	Revision of the handling of a "no reasonable cause" finding in a formal investigation.
The committee would again like to invite the UCSD community to review the
revised policy and procedures and provide additional comments. The period
of this formal review is May 28, 1999 to June 30, 1999. The policy is
available online at http://adminrecords.ucsd.edu/ppm/docs/200-10draft.html .
Copies of the policy are also available at (1) the Office of Sexual
Harassment Prevention and Policy, University Center Bldg. 201, 534-8298, (2) for UCSD Healthcare, at UCSD Healthcare Human Resources, 114 Arbor
Drive, 220-5089, and (3) the Library at Scripps Institution of Oceanography,
All comments received in this final comment period will be evaluated and as
appropriate, incorporated into the policy. Comments should be forwarded to
Lori Chamberlain at 534-8298 or lachamberlain@ucsd.edu. The committee
expects the policy to be implemented by July 30, 1999.
Thank you for your assistance.
Linda M. Williams
Assistant Chancellor