University of California, San Diego

June 14, 1999
SUBJECT: UCSD Times Readership Survey
As the UCSD Times enters its 15th year of publication, we wish to assess how well it is meeting the communications needs of our campus community. As part of this effort, a readership survey will be distributed with the June 14, 1999 issue of the UCSD Times; an electronic version of the survey is available at http://www-er.ucsd.edu/ucomm/survey.htm. The survey will take no more than a few minutes to complete but your responses are vital to the success of this assessment process. The questionnaires will be tabulated and analyzed by an independent team and recommendations will be incorporated into the Fall 1999 edition of the Times. Reader responses and identities will be kept confidential; answers will be used in aggregate, to develop a composite picture of the expectations and needs of the UCSD Times readership. Our goal is to insure that the UCSD Times is a useful, informative and interesting publication. We greatly appreciate your assistance in steering us in that direction.
Winifred Cox
Assistant Vice Chancellor
University Communications