University of California, San Diego

Payroll Division
June 24, 1999
(Please route to Departmental Security Administrators - DSAs)
SUBJECT: Web Timekeeping Hardware Requirements
To help you identify budget needs for the next fiscal year, we want to advise you of the hardware considerations that will be needed to effectively operate the new Web Timekeeping application. Planned for initial release by late summer 1999, the application will run as a Java program ("applet") within EmployeeLink. Running Java on your desktop requires certain minimum hardware configurations. The requirements to achieve acceptable performance and response time on Web Timekeeping exceed the minimums for accessing other EmployeeLink facilities. All current Online Timekeeping users running the Omnis 7 application must transition to the new Web Timekeeping application by mid November, 1999.
On a PC (non-Mac) platform, minimum requirements for optimal performance are a 333MHz processor with 64MB RAM memory. The operating system may be either Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT. The web browser may be either Netscape 4.5 or Internet Explorer 4.0 (or above). Use of the application on PC platforms slower than 133MHz is not recommended.
On a Mac platform, a G3 or iMac is strongly recommended. A Power Macintosh with a G3 upgrade card will allow you to run the Timekeeping program but provides minimal response time and is only recommended if you will be using Timekeeping to record time for a very small number of employees. Macs released prior to the Power Macintosh will not support the Timekeeping program. A minimum of 64MB RAM memory is needed, with more memory required if you will have other applications running simultaneously. MacOS 8.1 or higher is required. At this time, the web browser must be Internet Explorer 4.0 (or above). Also required is the current Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ), currently version 2.1.1. Use on Power Macintosh platforms slower than 120MHz is not recommended.
In addition, Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above (free) is required on both PC's
and Mac's to support timesheet printing.
The above is required to adequately run the Web Timekeeping program. ACT
has established general recommendations for upgrades and acquisitions that can also be used to determine what you will need to get the best performance
when running Timekeeping. These recommendations are available at:
Please contact Payroll Customer Service at x43247 with any questions or
concerns you have regarding the hardware requirements.
Sally Brainerd
Associate Controller