University of California, San Diego

August 16, 1999
ALL AT UCSD (Including Healthcare)
SUBJECT: UCSD Staff Skill Bank
This Notice is provided to announce the availability of the UCSD Staff Skill Bank. This service offers departments an additional option to identify current employees who possess UCSD core expertise in financial, timekeeping, and payroll/personnel systems. It also provides eligible employees potential opportunities for temporary overtime assignments outside of their home departments.
Eligible employees are career, non-exempt staff members who have obtained their respective department's authorization to participate in the Skill Bank. They must also have a current performance appraisal rating of at least "Met Expectation," and must be available for overtime assignments outside of their department. A participant's supervisor will be notified electronically when an employee registers with the Skill Bank.
Skill Bank registration and employee search processes are web-based, intuitive and interactive. The process requires that participants indicate their skills and experience to perform financial transactions online. This information will then be accessible to hiring departments to identify eligible employees who can perform financial and online systems transactions.
The UCSD Staff Skill Bank website is accessible at:
Skill Bank Guidelines have been developed to define requirements of this service including applicable Criteria (Section III), Registration and Renewal Procedures (Section IV), and Selection of Skill Bank Employees (Section VII). Instruction to Set-up Staff Skill Bank Participants in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) is provided as Appendix A.
Inquiries regarding the UCSD Staff Skill Bank may be directed to Pat Wong, Human Resources Department Manager of Employment and Staffing Services at mailto:pwong@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-2820.
Rogers Davis
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Human Resources