University of California, San Diego


November 5, 1999


SUBJECT:  Driver Education Seminars

All managers and supervisors, as well as departmental drivers, are invited and should attend a driver education seminar that will cover Safe Driving Practices, Reporting Procedures and Statistics, Operator Instruction, Costs of Insurance and Funding of Losses.

The campus bears the primary responsibility for funding general liability losses, including vehicle accident losses. It is to our collective benefit to promote vehicle safety and reduce losses. Departments are responsible for a portion of costs depending upon the circumstances ranging from a minimum of $500 to a potential maximum of $25,000.

In addition, drivers should note that the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires notification of all accidents where injuries result or damages exceed $500. This results in a UC driver being reported to the DMV when involved in an accident and will impact individual driving records.

The seminars will be held in the Institute of the Americas Auditorium from 8 am (includes Continental Breakfast) to 12 noon on the following dates:

Managers/Supervisors: Departmental Drivers:

Thursday, November 18 Wednesday, November 17 or December 8

We strongly encourage your attendance at these sessions. Please make your reservations by Friday, November 12 with Diana Olson at extension 43820.

                                                Martha M. McDougall                                                 Director, EH&S                                                 Van Jahnes-Smith                                                 Associate Director, EH&S/                                                 Manager