University of California, San Diego


November 1, 2007


SUBJECT:    UC Salary Program

As you may be aware, in September the UC Regents approved a four-year program to increase on-scale salaries for academic appointees. The program is intended to make UC on-scale salaries more competitive and to restore the integrity of the rank and step system for faculty advancements.

We are pleased that the Regents took action to strengthen UCís general position in the academic marketplace. Recruitment and retention of high-caliber academics are top priorities at UCSD, and competitive salaries are a critical element of these efforts.

Funding for the first year of the program (2007-08) has been approved. Salary increases will be achieved through cost-of-living (COLA) and market adjustments to the salary scales, as well as through the regular merit advancement process. The effective date for salary adjustments is October 1, 2007, and salary increases will be effective retroactively to that date. The increases should be reflected in the December paychecks.

Following are details regarding adjustments to the salary scales for Senate and non-Senate faculty. There will be a separate announcement at a later date regarding adjustments for series not covered here.

For those in the Professor (ladder rank), Professor In Residence, Professor of Clinical X, Health Sciences Clinical Professor, and Adjunct Professor series, a 2.5% COLA will be applied to all steps on the salary scales and to above-scale salaries. Market adjustments will vary among different steps, with the greatest market adjustments occurring at the associate and early full levels (up to 8% for those in the associate and early full ranks), and with smaller adjustments at the more senior levels (3.9% for those at Professor, Step IX). The minimum above-scale salary will be equal to the sum of the Step IX salary plus the difference between Step VIII and Step IX on the new salary scales. If an individualís salary following the application of the COLA falls below the new minimum, the salary will be increased to match the new minimum.

The new on-scale salary for each step will equal the current on-scale salary plus the COLA adjustment plus the market adjustment. Those who currently have on-scale salaries will receive the full market adjustment for their rank and step. Those whose market off-scale salaries fall below the new scales after the COLA is applied will receive market adjustments sufficient to bring their salaries up to scale. Those whose market off-scale salaries exceed the new scales after the COLA is applied will not receive market adjustments.

For those with market off-scale salaries that exceed the new scales, the amount by which the total salary exceeds the new on-scale salary will now be considered the market off-scale component.


Current rank and step
Current on-scale salary (10/1/06 nine-month scale)
Current off-scale component
Current total salary
COLA- adjusted salary
On-scale base salary after market adjustment


off-scale component
Final salary

Professor, Step III

Professor, Step III OS

Professor, Step III OS

Professor, Above Scale

(UCSDís new minimum above-scale salary)

Those with bonus off-scale salary components that are not due to be tapered will receive the COLA adjustment and market adjustment (if applicable), and the bonus component will be added to the resulting salary (current scale + COLA + any market adjustment + bonus = new salary). Any market off-scale or bonus off-scale component due to be tapered at the next review will be subsumed (in part or in full) by the market and/or COLA adjustments.

Faculty eligible for the UCSD salary compression awards will receive either the compression award or a market adjustment, whichever is greater, and the increase will be effective retroactively to October 1, 2007.

Please note: 1) Faculty in the Department of Economics will be paid on the new Business/Economics/Engineering salary scale; 2) separate salary scales have been eliminated for Acting Assistant Professors, who will now be paid on the regular ladder-rank scale.

For those in the Lecturer with Security of Employment series (Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment, Senior Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment, Lecturer with Security of Employment, and Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment), a 2.5% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) and a .7% market adjustment will be applied across the board, for a total increase of 3.2%.

The new salary scales can be found at:


The letter from President Dynes to the Chancellors announcing the salary adjustment program can be found at:


In closing, I wish to reiterate that the provisions above reflect only the first year of a four-year plan for salary increases. Assuming funding is available, salaries will be further increased in the following three years. Plans currently call for a COLA and another market adjustment in the second year, and COLAs in the third and fourth years of the program.

Paul W. Drake
Senior Vice Chancellor -
Academic Affairs