University of California, San Diego


November 16, 2007


SUBJECT:    Academic Senate Committee Service - An Opportunity to

Dear Colleagues,

Let me alert you to the upcoming opportunity to serve on Academic Senate campus committees in 2008-09. The University of California is run under the principle of shared governance: the University is governed both by the administration and by the faculty, through the operations of the Academic Senate. This system works only if the faculty participate on Senate and administrative committees.

The Committee on Committees solicits faculty preferences for service and appoints members to committees. At any given time slightly over 200 faculty serve on the standing Senate committees listed at http://www-senate.ucsd.edu/committees.htm, and a roughly equivalent number populate administrative committees (last year there were 67 of these). Participation is personally rewarding - moreover, University and professional service is one of the major criteria considered during academic review for advancement and promotion.

You will shortly receive a request to indicate your committee preferences. Please inform the Committee on Committees of your particular interests, and provide input for the committee selection process. We will be delighted to hear from you.

On behalf of the Committee on Committees thank you in anticipation of your help.

J. Hampton Atkinson (Psychiatry), Chair, Committee on Committees
Patricia S. Churchland (Philosophy), Vice Chair
John W. Fonville (Music)
Peter A. Gourevitch (IR/PS, Political Science)
John A. Hildebrand (SIO)
Cecil W. Lytle (Music)
Carol A. Padden (Communication)
Henry C. Powell (Pathology)
Nicholas C. Spitzer (Neurobiology)
Jan B. Talbot (MAE)
Stephen I. Wasserman (Medicine)
Ruth J. Williams (Mathematics)