University of California, San Diego


February 12, 2007


SUBJECT:    Freshman Seminar Program and Senior Seminar Program -
Call for Proposals, 2007-08 Academic Year

I am pleased to announce the continuation of the Freshman and Senior Seminar Programs for the 2007-08 academic year. These outstanding undergraduate seminar programs play a significant role in expanding undergraduate education and contribute to UCSD's undergraduate mission.

The Freshman Seminar Program creates a unique classroom environment by providing for new students opportunities to engage in intellectual discussions with faculty and peers in a small supportive class setting. The Senior Seminar Program was launched in fall 2006 as an additional venue to enhance the undergraduate student experience at UCSD. The small, informal class setting promotes exploration of advanced topics and fosters an ideal learning environment for polishing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Freshman and Senior Seminar topics are designed by faculty, approved by CEP, and taught on an off-load basis. All seminars carry one unit of credit, are graded P/NP, meet for 8-10 hours during a quarter, and are limited to twenty students. To acknowledge faculty members' contributions to undergraduate education, eligible faculty receive a $1,500 research stipend (not as salary, but as funding available to support various academic expenses including research, travel, and supplies). The two seminar programs differ in their basic missions, instructor eligibility and guidelines. Please refer to the programs' faculty websites given below for additional information concerning teaching eligibility, criteria for receiving research stipends, and quarterly proposal due dates.

Freshman Seminar Program:

Senior Seminar Program:

Incoming students are particularly interested in taking Freshman Seminars during the fall, so I especially encourage you to consider offering a seminar during this time when demand is the highest. The due date for submission of proposals for Fall Quarter 2007 seminars is Monday, March 12, 2007.

Your participation in these programs is greatly appreciated. These undergraduate seminar programs have been very well received and are important to our students. Please contact Mark Appelbaum, Associate Vice Chancellor - Undergraduate Education (x24358), or April Burcham (x25855) with comments or questions.

Marsha A. Chandler
Senior Vice Chancellor