University of California, San Diego


May 8, 2007


SUBJECT:    UCSD's Second Annual American Indian I'm Going to College
Event Saturday, June 9, 2007

Next month, you will have a wonderful opportunity to personally help increase the college-going interest and desire of our campus' least represented ethnic minority group - the American Indians.

I strongly encourage and invite you to participate in UCSD's Second Annual American Indian I'm Going to College event, Saturday, June 9 as a facilitator at the Conversations About College lunch. Since most of our participating local tribal students (grades 4-12) and their parents have little college-related experience or knowledge, we ask you to have an enjoyable meal with them and simply provide information on your own background, undergraduate college experiences, and current areas of interest. Your involvement's main purpose will be to put a personal, friendly and concerned face on UCSD; that is, to show that UCSD faculty members are real people who care about their students and value higher education. Basically, we want you to help remove the fears associated with leaving the reservation to attend college, and to make clear that many strong, supportive and welcoming communities exist here on campus. With a little help from you, the American Indian I'm Going to College initiative will greatly assist our area's tribal students (and their parents) become more aware, motivated and prepared for college admission and success.

The event is sponsored by our campus, SCTCA (Southern California Tribal Chairmen's Association) representing 20 reservations, and other community educational partners.

No advance preparation is needed! Just come, sit at a designated table with a well-prepared undergraduate table mentor prepared to facilitate active, interesting conversation, and enjoy a great lunch (Institute of the Americas plaza, 12:30-2:00 p.m.).

Last year, 150 tribal students and parents who attended I'm Going to College indicated that the single most important aspect of their all-day visit involved personally meeting faculty. For just a small investment of time, you can make a significant difference! Please take a little time to help some people who both need and will greatly appreciate your commitment. Also, do not forget that APM 210 is a UC-wide mandate to recognize and reward faculty participation in diversity efforts such as this one.

By June 3, please email your intent to participate to: Michael Dabney, Student Educational Advancement, mdabney@ucsd.edu or call 822-0566.

Jorge Huerta
Associate Chancellor and
Chief Diversity Officer