University of California, San Diego



July 13, 2007

ALL FACULTY AND STAFF (including UCSD Medical Center)

SUBJECT:    UCSD Network Management and Security

The increased level of network security threats over the past couple of years prompted Chancellor Fox to request an audit review of our current organizational structure for network management and security to determine whether we are optimizing our use of staff resources in this area.

Based on the recommendations of that review the Chancellor decided that our current organizational structure could be improved by transferring the Office of Network Operations from Academic Computing Services (ACS) to Administrative Computing & Telecommunications (ACT). This will consolidate network infrastructure and security responsibilities into a single department and improve operational efficiency.

This change has taken effect on July 9, 2007 and the management of ACS and ACT are working together to ensure a smooth transition. ACT's additional responsibilities now include:

- Network and data security, including authentication and directory services (e.g., single signon, Kerberos, LDAP, Active Directory), security policies, scanning, and enforcement.

- Network architecture and management including VPN, Proxy, wireless, campus backbone, dial-in, and hostmaster functions, such as assignment of IP addresses, VLAN, DNS, and DHCP.

- Central email functions, such as mail routing, popmail, postmaster, mailing lists, Exchange, and Blackberry. Email services for students will continue to be supported by ACS.

- A unified helpdesk for all of ACT services (acthelp@ucsd.edu or x41853).

Information about the new ACT organizational structure can be found at: http://blink.ucsd.edu/org/act and at: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/actorg (PDF document)

ACS will continue its responsibility for instructional computing including student services (email, storage, computer labs, printing, ResNet), the Instructional Web Development Center (WebCT, podcasting, streaming, recharge Web services), Computer Repair and Installation, Desktop Support and Software Distribution. Support for these services will continue to be provided by the ACS helpdesk (acs-help@ucsd.edu, x43227, Applied Physics & Math Building 1313).

While both units will maintain their respective helpdesks, support will be streamlined by including both ACS and ACT staff at the joint walk-in helpdesk at the Applied Physics & Math Building, suite 1313.

We hope that the transition process will be transparent to you and that we'll be able to provide new and improved services starting in a few months. If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Vice Chancellor Elazar Harel at eharel@ucsd.edu or x43396.

David Miller
Associate Vice Chancellor -
Academic Planning and Resources

Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
Business Affairs