University of California, San Diego


September 4, 2007


SUBJECT:    Energy Alert

Due to the prolonged heat wave in the San Diego Region a heat emergency has been declared for the SDGE area. Weather conditions in San Diego have led to the potential for rolling blackouts. In order to conserve campus energy resources, all non-critical areas in the larger campus buildings will have their temperatures automatically reset to 78F today.

Your conservation efforts and reduction in all aspects of UCSD energy use can make a difference in preventing electrical emergencies. Visit http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/energyoverview to find out what you can do to conserve energy and what you should do during a rolling blackout.

I also recommend that you review your department's Emergency Action Plan with your supervisor to determine how your area will respond to a power-loss situation.

Little or no notice is given to UCSD when a Stage 3 alert is issued by the ISO/SDG&E, so protect and save your sensitive data/research now. Please go to http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/energy for more information.

You may also monitor, in real time, the Stage Emergency alert status by going directly to the CAL-ISO website at http://www.caiso.com where alerts are posted immediately.

The ISO will issue warnings in three stages and UCSD will relay these warnings to the campus. We urge you to take the following actions at each stage:

* Stage 1 - Voluntary load reduction: Turn off all unnecessary lights and equipment within your control (fans, coffee machines, microwaves, etc.). If possible, do not start sensitive work.

* Stage 2 - Forced load reduction: UCSD will engage a global load-shedding program to reduce air conditioning loads in non-critical areas. Safely secure all sensitive work.

* Stage 3 - Blackout is imminent: This is your last chance to safely secure and save sensitive work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Facilities Management's Customer Relations Manager Wendy Schiefer at wschiefer@ucsd.edu or UCSD's Energy Manager John Dilliott at jdilliott@ucsd.edu.

Steven W. Relyea
Vice Chancellor -
Business Affairs