December 1, 2011


SUBJECT:    Change of Venue - Town Hall with Chancellor Search Advisory Committee - Friday, 12/2/11 Student Services Center Multi-Purpose Room

The faculty, student, and staff members of the CHANCELLOR SEARCH ADVISORY COMMITTEE would like to invite you to a Town Hall Meeting on Friday, December 2. Please note that the venue has been changed to the Student Services Center Multi-Purpose Room.

Friday December 2 (last day of classes)
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Student Services Center Multi-Purpose Room

Panel members: Professors James Carmody (UCSD, Theatre), Robert Anderson (UC Berkeley, Economics, and Systemwide Senate Chair), Katja Lindenberg (UCSD, Chemistry and Biochemistry); David Wargo (Staff representative); Rodolfo John Alaniz (Graduate Students representative); Alyssa Wing (Undergraduate Students representative). We are all members of the Chancellor Search Advisory Committee.

During the upcoming months, the Chancellor Search Advisory Committee will conduct the search for a new Chancellor in a number of stages. The faculty subcommittee of this group is charged with reviewing all potential candidates and narrowing the applicant pool. The selected candidates will then be presented to the entire Advisory Committee, which includes the student representatives, staff representative, and representatives of other constituencies (Regents, community, etc.). The full committee interviews finalists and recommends a few candidates to President Yudof, who then makes the final selection.

The new Chancellor will play a central role in defining our future as we navigate difficult times, settle into our new steady state now that we have almost grown to full size, and develop in the future. It is critical that we hear directly from you. We invite all members of the General Campus, of the Health Sciences, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography to share their perspectives on the selection. Please come to this open house to share your own perspective. Tell us what positive qualities we should look for in the selection process, and what negative qualities we should avoid. We are especially interested in potential questions you would like us to ask during the upcoming interviews. The selection process has just begun, so your input is timely and important.

We have been impressed by the great variety of perspectives shared so far and we would like for you to think about the following questions that have been brought to us:

What type of administrative experience should our future Chancellor have had?

How important is it that she/he be an eminent scholar?

What are your views on campus climate and how a Chancellor can impact this climate?

What qualities or skills should we seek in a candidate to improve the diversity of our community?

What should UCSD look like in two years, five, ten, and how can a Chancellor lead us in that direction?

Please come and talk to us! This is your chance to speak and our chance to listen before the Selection Committee begins its search.

For more information, please contact Katja Lindenberg at

Members of the Chancellor Search
Advisory Committee