University of California, San Diego


February 3, 2011


SUBJECT:    “Mexico Moving Forward” Events February 9 and 10, 2011

I invite you to attend a blue ribbon symposium entitled “Mexico Moving Forward” focusing on Mexico’s remarkable contributions to the world. This event, coordinated by IR/PS’s Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, is part of the university’s 50th anniversary celebration activities and will take place on February 9 and 10, 2011.

The celebration of Mexico’s 200 years of independent life as a nation has been dampened by the serious challenges the country continues to face not only in the social and developmental fronts, but more recently, in its capacity to ensure citizens to feel safe and live peacefully. In the voices of internationally renowned artists and intellectuals, discussions will focus on the impact of culture on society and how it has shaped the meaning of being Mexican. Its scientists will tell us how science and technology can transform society to improve the well being of everyone. And its business leaders and philanthropists will describe their vision of a future of prosperity and development. This will provide a public space that displays the transformational power that extraordinary achievements and contributions of Mexicans vested in the future of Mexico can have.

To view the numerous events that will honor and celebrate the day please visit the website:

On February 10, there will be free activities throughout the day within the Robinson Building Complex showcasing Mexico in respect to academia, arts, and culture. In recognition of this event, I am approving one hour of administrative leave with pay for employees to attend a Mexico Moving Forward activity. Supervisors, upon request, may approve the use of such leave when the absence does not infringe upon the performance of required job duties or patient care.

Marye Anne Fox