August 17, 2011


SUBJECT:    Policy on Remote and Distance Instruction

The Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) has approved a revised policy on courses using remote and distance instruction. This policy covers courses offered via synchronous connections to off-campus sites (distance instruction) and courses offered primarily or exclusively online (remote instruction). The policy is posted on the Academic Senate website here:

We'd like to point out some key features of this policy:

1. Prior to this year, the Division did not permit faculty to teach courses that used online ("remote") instruction only. The new policy revises this position. Senate members may propose courses that rely on remote instruction for most or all of the instruction. The policy outlines the requirements for proposals for such courses.

2. Departments may submit proposals to offer remote instruction versions of existing courses, as outlined in the policy. Existing courses may not be offered using remote instruction without prior approval of the Graduate or Undergraduate Councils. For example, to offer BILD 1 using remote instruction, Biology would have to submit a proposal for BILD 1R. If approved, BILD 1R would be offered using remote instruction, while BILD 1 would follow the standard course format.

3. The policy on distance instruction has been amended. Faculty using distance instruction exclusively on campus (such as those courses offered simultaneously in multiple classrooms via a synchronous connection in Peterson Hall) no longer must submit individual proposals to the Graduate or Undergraduate Councils. Only those courses that use distance instruction to reach students located off campus must receive additional Senate approval.


Mark I. Appelbaum, Chair
Committee on Educational Policy and Courses