August 30, 2011


SUBJECT:    Student Health Services Important Information

Dear New Student,

Congratulations, and welcome to the Triton Family! Student Health Services has several initiatives, programs and services we want to call to your attention:

* UCSHIP-The Best Health Insurance Option You Can Find -All primary care visits, routine immunizations and lab tests at Student Health are completely covered by the plan. This means that you will have no out-of-pocket costs for appointments and related labs and/or routine immunizations obtained at Student Health Services. This incredible plan also provides 100% coverage for students who are referred to UCSD Medical Center specialists and facilities after their $250 deductible and co-pays. Undergraduates pay only $310 per quarter, and graduate student premiums are $549. Remember that you WILL BE enrolled in UCSHIP unless you waive out. For more information about plan benefits, fees and the waiver procedure please visit: Students without SHIP can still use Student Health Services, but will be paying modest fees for services, medications, labs, x-rays and supplies.

* TB Screening-It's Required! -- All incoming students are expected to complete the tuberculosis screening questions and, if necessary, send in a clearance form by their healthcare provider in order to avoid delays in their registration for winter quarter. Tuberculosis is a potentially serious disease and San Diego is a high-risk area. Therefore, we are undertaking this effort to protect our students from infection and illness.

* Immunization Updates-

o MENINGITIS: The CDC recently updated recommendations to include a booster shot to protect from infection. While meningococcal meningitis is rare, it is very serious and can be fatal, and we strongly recommend immunization. If you were vaccinated once before age 16 and are currently 21 or younger, we strongly recommend that you receive a booster. For more information, visit:

o PERTUSSIS: There has been a lot of information in the news regarding the Pertussis outbreak that has affected California and San Diego in particular. We strongly urge you to receive the Tdap vaccine before coming to campus this fall.

o FLU: Student Health Services will be offering multiple flu vaccination clinics this fall. Flu shots are free to students with SHIP, and will be provided at low cost to students with other insurance. Watch our website for updates regarding flu-shot clinic dates.

* Clinical Services

o Personal Healthcare Providers-This fall, each student will be given his/her own "Primary Care Provider" in order to better know and be able to serve personal health and wellness needs. Not only will this improve the continuity of care, but other preventive health and well-being issues can be better addressed.

o Integrative Clinical Services-We will be offering physical therapy, acupuncture, and myofascial tissue therapy by licensed providers at our facility. These additional services may offer complementary modalities to keep you at your best.

* Alcohol Risk Reduction: UC San Diego continues to participate in a grant called Safer Universities. This statewide initiative has been designed to reduce the risks associated with drinking. Please take a few moments to read more about it and our educational campaign and efforts at With these efforts in mind, students are required to complete the e-CHUG survey before coming to campus:

Thank you for choosing UC San Diego. We look forward to helping you achieve your academic and personal goals by keeping you well.


Regina Fleming, MD, MSPH
Director, UC San Diego
Student Health Services