September 22, 2011


SUBJECT:    Update on Library Consolidation Efforts

This summer the Libraries, due to recent and anticipated budget cuts, consolidated the collections and services of two UC San Diego library facilities-the International Relations & Pacific Studies (IR/PS) Library and the Center for Library Instruction & Computing Services, CLICS)-into our two large library buildings, the Geisel and Biomedical Libraries.

This, in turn, convinced us the time was right for the Libraries to embark on a 3-year effort to consolidate all of our general print collections. The first phase of our consolidation effort has now been completed and has focused on those materials-mostly older journals and monographs-that have not been used over the last ten years. Only those materials that were low use, available digitally, or held in other UC libraries or a regional library storage facility were considered for withdrawal from our collections.

While consolidating our materials on campus is a physical necessity, an additional major objective of this effort is to respond proactively to the expressed needs of our students and other library users for more dynamic and flexible study and computing spaces. Toward this end, we are working to add new study and computing spaces-both individual and group-in Geisel. 126 workstations are being added for the fall quarter, and we are planning to add more than 260 new study seats over the next year. In addition, we are committed to providing study space in Geisel Library 24/7 during 10th and Finals weeks to accommodate the increased demand for study space during this time.

This summer's collection reviews have focused primarily on reducing the number of materials in our offsite annex and freeing up space in Geisel Library so that we can accommodate materials from the IR/PS Library. The IR/PS materials, which include approximately 140,000 volumes, are now located on the 8th floor of Geisel, and will be consolidated into the existing Social Sciences & Humanities collections in Geisel. In 2012, we will be installing compact shelving in Geisel Library, which will require the temporary relocation of some materials from Geisel to the annex. These materials will remain accessible as users will be able to request items for prompt delivery back to a campus library. For journals that are not available online, the Libraries will provide a scanning service that will deliver articles to the requester's desktop.

As the Libraries adjust to our reduced campus footprint, we remain committed to retaining onsite materials most needed to support active teaching and research. We also remain committed to ensuring timely access to both physical and digital materials for faculty, students, and other users. We greatly appreciate your patience and support over the next year, as we implement changes and enhancements to the Libraries' spaces and services.

For additional information about the Libraries' consolidation efforts:

Brian E. C. Schottlaender
The Audrey Geisel University Librarian