October 10, 2013


SUBJECT:    Community Alert Bulletin - Tampering with a Vehicle

Please be on alert. Within the last nine months, three incidents of tampering with a vehicle have occurred, one of which was initially unreported. The most recent of these incidents occurred October 2, 2013. There are no known suspect(s).

The first incident occurred near campus at 9700 Genesee Avenue between noon and 5:00PM. The victim reported that someone tampered with their vehicle by removing the lug nuts from the right side front and rear rims.

The second incident took place in lot 502 between 8:30AM-4:15PM. The suspect removed four out of the five lug nuts from the left front rim of a car. The victim discovered the crime while driving on the highway.

The third incident happened near campus. The victim discovered that the vehicle was vandalized and the lug nuts tampered with. However there are no further details concerning this incident.

It is unknown whether these incidents are related. However, when we became aware there was a series of occurrences, this alert was issued.

If you have information about these incidents, please contact Detective Michael Britton at 858-534-4359 or send an email to

General Safety Information:

Keep your vehicle locked.

When parking, choose a well-lit, heavily traveled area.

Before entering your vehicle, always check the interior, paying
particular attention to the floor and rear seat.

When possible, conduct a visual inspection of your tires and
rims before operating your vehicle.

If your vehicle breaks down, signal for assistance by raising the hood and stay inside your vehicle with the windows closed and the doors locked. If a roadside Samaritan stops, roll down your window just enough to talk and ask that he/she call the police. If the person appears to be a threat, sound the horn and flash your lights.

When driving on the road, be alert to any noises or unusual vibrations. If you experience any of these events, pull over to a safe location and inspect your car. If you are not sure there are any problems, we recommend that you contact your automotive mechanic.

Report all suspicious persons or vehicles around parking areas to the UCSD Police (858)534-4357 or 9-1-1 (emergencies).