October 14, 2013


SUBJECT:    All Campus Notification - Continued Improvements to New Traffic Signals

The traffic signals recently installed on campus, as part of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) SuperLoop project, are currently in an adjustment and monitoring phase with improvements underway. UC San Diego has been working with SANDAG and the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) to identify solutions to reduce congestion, better balance the needs and priorities of all modes of transportation, and create a safe environment for cyclists and pedestrians. The following solutions have been identified and will be implemented in phases:

Adjust timing of traffic signals. Simple timing adjustments are ongoing. Additional adjustments requiring rewiring and replacement of signal heads will be implemented during the next few weeks. These changes are expected to reduce congestion at intersections.

Closure of westbound MTS bus stop on north side of Gilman Drive. This bus stop, located between Villa La Jolla Drive and Russell Lane, will be closed. The closest alternative bus stop is located on Gilman Drive at Myers Drive, one block to the west. Temporary signage will instruct passengers where to access their route. This change is expected to reduce congestion at the Gilman Drive/Villa La Jolla Drive and Gilman Drive/Russell Lane intersections. The eastbound bus stop located on the south side of Gilman Drive at Villa La Jolla Drive will remain open.

Paint shared lane markings, or "sharrows", on Gilman Drive. These markings will alert motorists to the possible presence of cyclists and indicate that cyclists may use the travel lane where designated bike lanes are not available.

Paint assistive markings on traffic signal bicycle sensors. The markings will indicate where a cyclist should position their bicycle to trigger the sensor.

Improve Library Walk crosswalk to operate like a traditional traffic signal. The improvements include, but are not limited to, additional conveniently located push-buttons for pedestrians to activate the WALK phase and visible WALK/DON'T WALK pedestrian signals with countdown timers. Pedestrians will then have safe crossing intervals free of cars. The flashing red signal will be converted to a traditional traffic signal allowing smoother traffic flow for motorists and cyclists. The improved crosswalk and traffic signal are planned to become operational at the beginning of the 2014 winter quarter.

We welcome your feedback and have discussed your suggestions with SANDAG and its traffic engineers. We are working to ensure a safe environment for all campus constituents and modes of travel, and sincerely appreciate your patience as we continue to adjust.

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Brian Gregory
Associate Vice Chancellor