October 28, 2013


SUBJECT:    Call for Nominations - Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Engagement (Part-Time Administrative)

I am pleased to announce an internal search for two Associate Vice Chancellors for Faculty Diversity and Engagement (AVC FDE). One AVC FDE will focus on divisions and schools in the Sciences, Engineering and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The other will focus on divisions and schools in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences as well as Rady School of Management and International Relations and Pacific Studies.

These AVCs will report directly to the Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and will work with all divisions to further faculty diversity with a special emphasis on the creation of a positive climate for diverse faculty as well as the recruitment, advancement, retention, and engagement of underrepresented minorities and women in fields where they are underrepresented. The AVCs will work closely with Academic Vice Chancellors, Deans, Chairs, the Faculty Equity Advisors/Faculty Designates, the Academic Senate, and faculty at large to advance the UC San Diego Strategic Plan Initiative to “grow our top quality and diverse faculty”.

I am writing now to invite your self-nominations, or your nominations of potential candidates for these positions. If you are interested in the position, please send your name, your CV, and a one-paragraph statement describing your interest. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please do so. You do not need not contact the individual to ascertain if he or she is willing to be considered as a candidate. I will contact all nominees in confidence, to ask whether they are interested and to invite them to submit materials for consideration. All nominations and application materials should be forwarded to me at by November 18, 2013 for full consideration.

Desirable candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to faculty diversity, university administrative or faculty governance leadership experience, and evidence of success in collaborative endeavors. The search for the AVC will be confined to the UC San Diego campus, and candidates must hold tenured faculty appointments. Each AVC will serve a three-year term at 50% time, renewable following appropriate review. Ideally, those terms will begin January 2, 2014.

Linda S. Greene
Vice Chancellor -
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


(Part-Time Administrative)

Also available on the Academic Affairs website:

The Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Diversity and Engagement (AVCFDE) at UC San Diego reports to the Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The AVCFDE is responsible for providing academic leadership and direction in advancing the University’s goal of achieving and sustaining faculty equity and diversity in pursuit of academic excellence. The purpose of the position is to produce measurable results in terms of improving equity of the campus through innovative efforts to recruit and retain high-qualified faculty from underrepresented groups and making steady progress towards ensuring that UC San Diego is an inclusive community that nurtures advancement and growth for all members of its faculty. This will require working collaboratively with individuals and groups within and external to the campus.

The AVCFDE, working with the campus administration, the Academic Senate, Academic Personnel Services (APS) and other academic units will have a leadership role in developing, monitoring, implementing and communicating the guidelines, policies, procedures, programs and initiatives that will encourage equity and diversity in hiring and retention of faculty.

The AVCFDE will oversee the effort to implement the training and coordination of designated faculty equity advisors in each of the five divisions and the two graduate professional schools on the General Campus, as well as at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). These advisors would report to their respective deans and will work with departments and search committees.

Work closely with the VC-EDI to provide academic leadership that will advance faculty equity at UC San Diego.

In collaboration with Academic Personnel Services APS:

* Work with and develop training for deans, equity advisors, department chairs and search committees to expand recruitment and retention efforts of faculty from underrepresented groups and maximize those efforts.

* Develop and present new Faculty Workshops for URM, Female, LGBT faculty on advancement, tenure, leadership content, family related content (dual career couples, tenure clock extension, child care)

* Develop and present Dean, chair, and search committee workshops on URM/women recruitment, hiring, mentoring, tenure, and leadership; family related content (dual career couples, tenure clock extension, child care)

* Conduct faculty engagement, listening sessions, divisional and campus wide workshops and events for URM women/URM men, women, LGBT, Veterans and People with Disabilities

* Facilitate implementation of divisional and departmental faculty diversity strategic plans

* Expand and strengthen mentoring programs for all faculty.

* Collaborate with divisional faculty equity advisors on URM women/URM men, and women faculty hiring, orientation, and mentoring, advancement.

* Assist the campus and APS to develop and implement assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of existing programs and services designed to advance faculty equity at UC San Diego and achieve campus goals consistent with the University’s obligations as a state and federal contractor.

* Review and evaluate the recruitment process for its effectiveness, including requests to waive the open recruitment process.

* Oversee the development of programs to provide leadership training/succession planning for both current and potential future campus leaders.

* Contribute to the larger campus community, including efforts to promote diversity, equal opportunity, inclusion, and UC San Diego Principles of Community.

* Promote an environment in which the highest standards of ethical conduct are understood to be a primary responsibility.

* Administer and oversee Postdoctoral fellowship opportunities/programming

* Chancellor’s postdoctoral fellowship selection

* Engagement with presidential and chancellor’s postdoctoral fellows

In collaboration with divisional Deans:

* Promote the hiring of UC system-wide presidential and UC San Diego Chancellor’s postdoctoral fellows

* Develop UC San Diego URM/women faculty initiatives e.g. HBCU/HSI partnerships, faculty pipeline project

* Participate in campus committees on diversity as needed.

* A distinguished record of teaching, research, and professional service appropriate for a tenured Full Professor appointment at UC San Diego.

* A demonstrated commitment to achieving institutional diversity goals.

* A strong record of prior academic administrative service.

* Demonstrated leadership skills and proven ability to work collaboratively and effectively with campus senior leadership, faculty, staff, students, and the public.

* Strong experience with UC San Diego search committee practices and procedures and academic recruitment policies.