February 22, 2013

SUBJECT:    Fund Range Expansion for Sponsored Research Awards

The UCSD fund ranges used for sponsored research awards has exceeded the volume of fund numbers available, resulting from the rate of growth of sponsored research at UCSD. In coordination with the Office of the President, we have expanded the current numeric values of fund numbers to now include alpha characters as a component of the fund number. We have concluded 12 months of testing with representatives from all Vice Chancellor areas to pilot the new alpha numeric funds in the financial systems. With all testing now complete, we have now gone into full live production utilizing the new alpha numeric values in the fund to expand the fund ranges utilized for sponsored research effective December 1, 2012. The first types of funds that will be alphanumeric are private grants and all federal funds.

The ranges utilized also provide sub-ranges that will distinguish federal contract from federal grant awards. The new fund ranges can be found at

Below are the Vice Chancellor area team members who participated in the design and testing who can provide additional information about this project. Or, you may contact Marissa Yessis in OPAFS at for questions about this project.

Vice Chancellor Representatives:

Health Sciences: Patty Camacho
Marine Sciences/SIO: Minerva Nelson
Academic Affairs & Research Affairs: Shanley Miller, Adam DiProfio, Alma Palazzolo
Extramural and Business Affairs: Kevin Chou, Marissa Yessis

We would like to express appreciation to each Vice Chancellor area that supported the pilot phase, and the ACT team that has supported the programming required to make this significant change.

Don Larson